Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
  • DoorDash Sues NYC Again -- This Time Over Consumer Data

    DoorDash challenged law requiring deliverers to divulge customer's name, phone number, email, delivery address, and contents of their order. Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell Tests Subscription Program In Arizona

    At 17 restaurants in Tucson, users can get one free taco per day for 30 days with a pass from brand app for $5-$10. Read the whole story

  • E-Sign Here For Adobe's Pineapple Pizza

    In Adobe's Signature Ingredient Sweepstakes, consumers can vote on one of America's most controversial(?) issues: Does pineapple belong atop pizza? Read the whole story

  • When It Comes To Unvaxxed Consumers, Study Finds Context Is King

    MotivBase, whose clients are leading national marketers, says it is "teaching people to ask not 'What are people saying?' but 'What do they mean?' Read the whole story

  • Net Differences In Time Spent Vs. Ad Spending Across Media

    It's been a while since someone sparked a good Mary Meeker-esque debate about the relative values of time spent with media vs. the advertising … Read the whole story

  • Don't Blame Facebook

    Growing criticism of Facebook for fake news and misinformation isn't unwarranted -- but in some ways, it misses the larger point. Read the whole story