mCommerce Daily Editions for March 2013
mCommerce Daily - Friday, March 29, 2013
The Mobile Nudge: Gently Edging the Customer On
Mobile Driving eBay Toward $300 Billion in Commerce Revenue
Russian Payment Provider Seeks $100 Million in US Public Offering
Time for Luxury Watchmakers to Move to Mobile Sales?
Retailers Continue Adopting Mobile Coupons
Motorists Sent Mobile Coupons as They Pump Gas, Leading Them into Store
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, March 28, 2013
The $1,000 App: When Your App Can't Do It All
10 Million Use Starbucks App; 100,000 New Downloads a Week
7 Ways Mobile Commerce Likely to Change Retail Shopping
Furniture Retailer Launches iPhone App As Companion for Shoppers
In-App Payments for Windows Phone Works Across Otrher Microsoft Devices
Mobile Loyalty Brings New Meaning to Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
The Numbers Around Mobile Commerce
CVS Launches Interactive iPad Shopping App, Mimicking In-Store Experience
$999 App Targeted to Flying Millionaires
Mobile Credit Card Reader Company Awaits Demise of Cash
Trends in mCommerce Around the World Point to Increase
What A Deal: Group Buying At The Forefront Of Mobile Commerce
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Great Deals Drive Mobile Consumers
Groupon Offer Drives Mobile Redemption at Starbucks
Online Retailer Pits mCommerce Site Against Response Web Design
UK Retailer Sees 50% of Online Sales Moving to Mobile, Tablets
In-App Purchasing Extends Reach for Mobile Payments by Nook
Japanese 'Secret Sale' Chat App Looks to Expand Commerce
China, South Korea Take the Lead in Mobile Commerce
Target Ramps Up Mobile Coupon Push to Educate Shoppers
Merchants in Canada Wary of Costs of Mobile Payments
'Mobile Blinders' At Retail: Another Opportunity To Turn Mass Into Me Media?
mCommerce Daily - Monday, March 25, 2013
Mobile & the Transformation of the Role of the Cashier
Target Ramps Up Mobile Coupon Push to Educate Shoppers
UK Retailer Sees 50% of Online Sales Moving to Mobile, Tablets
Merchants in Canada Wary of Costs of Mobile Payments
Japanese 'Secret Sale' Chat App Looks to Expand Commerce
mCommerce Daily - Friday, March 22, 2013
Starbucks Sees More Than 3 Million Mobile Transactions a Week
Mobile Payments Backed by Credit Cards? Not So Much
Mobile Commerce on the Rise in Asia Pacific, Says New Study
Mobile Wallet Providers Face Fees from Credit Card Companies
Chinese Venture Plans to Drive Mobile Commerce Growth
Mobile Shoppers Use Alternate Methods of Payments
mCommerce Daily - Thursday, March 21, 2013
Is There a Limit to Mobile Self-Service?
LevelUp Partners to Roll Out Mobile Payments Nationwide
Walmart Expands Mobile Self-Scan Program to More than 200 Stores
Banana Republic Uses Mobile Coupons to Drive In-Store Sales
IKEA Launches New App, Cpompetes with Its Mobile Site
Barnes & Noble Mobile Commerce Site Tops Speed Index
mCommerce Daily - Wednesday, March 20, 2013
The Customer Role in Teaching Mobile to Salespeople
Bumps Along the Way to Square Mobile Payments at Some Starbucks
Mobile Payments Still Lack Clear Winner
Mall Retailer Launches New App, Expands In-Store iPad Kiosks
12 Million in US Deposit Checks by Mobile Photo
Google Upgrades Shopping App to Narrow Product Searches
Roadblocks to India's Mobile Commerce Dream
mCommerce Daily - Tuesday, March 19, 2013
The Hidden Influence of Mobile at Retail
Convenience vs. Price in Using Mobile at Retail
Mobile Payments May Extend to Laptops
Fashion, Entertainment, Grocery Drive UK Mobile Shopping Growth
Fast-Food Chain Adds SMS to Mobile Program
mCommerce Daily - Monday, March 18, 2013
The Road to Motion Commerce
A Breakout Year for Mobile Commerce
Mobile Payments Launch in Europe; Consumers Wait On Sidelines
Samsung Pursues Mobile Payments by 'Beaming' at Checkout
eBay Looks to Asia Pacific for Major Mobile Growth
Smartphones, Tablets Drive Growth in eCommerce
Mobile Shoppers Prefer Retailer Web Sites To Apps
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