Wednesday, May 30, 2007
  • Silverman,Graboff Co-Chair NBC Entertainment, No Upfront Impact

    The massive executive changes at the top of NBC--with executive producer Ben Silverman and NBC senior executive Marc Graboff becoming co-chairmen of NBC Entertainment ... Read the whole story

  • Media X: Bad Box

    This whole idea that television is creating a nation of murderous preteens is nuts. TV causes vile behavior and sexual misconduct? Right--and society, especially ... Read the whole story

  • Madison Avenue Warms To Silverman, Expect Greater Product Placement

    Will new NBC Entertainment co-chief Ben Silverman continue to be a friend to advertisers? Silverman's interest in developing shows heavy on advertiser integration is ... Read the whole story

  • Spot Runner Teams With Reed Elsevier Unit To Offer Media, Creative To Local Law Firms

    In a move that could prove a boon for local TV advertising markets, Internet-based "long tail" ad agency Spot Runner has teamed with a ... Read the whole story

  • New Digital Screens Transform Outdoor Ads

    Sometimes it's good to be two-dimensional. Take the new generation of technologies that are shrinking video screens to the width of a vinyl poster--or ... Read the whole story

  • USA Today Extends Brand To Books

    USA Today has extended the newspaper's brand by signing licenses with six U.S. book publishers. The effort complements its previous expansion into online, mobile ... Read the whole story

  • MyNetworkTV Unveils Fall Lineup, Awaits Ad Response

    After eschewing a formal upfront presentation this month, following a freshman year anchored mainly by telenovelas, MyNetworkTV unveiled its new fall schedule Tuesday--to no ... Read the whole story

  • Fox's 'Lot' Off Mark, CBS Reruns Score

    The reality show "On the Lot," which pits new filmmakers against one another, fell again to a barely visible Nielsen preliminary 1.3 rating Sunday. ... Read the whole story