Monday, November 24, 2008
  • Cheers: Initiative, Draftfcb Win MillerCoors

    Holding company Interpublic has won the bulk of the consolidated media-buying/planning account for both Miller and Coors, as the two beer marketers recently merged … Read the whole story

  • Diane Mermigas Off This Week

    Diane Mermigas will return next week. Read the whole story

  • Welcome To The Post-Agency Era

    The post-agency era is upon us. With staggering speed and efficiency, consumer preferences and digital technologies have created a broad and deep cultural demand … Read the whole story

  • 'Consumer Reports' Campaign: No Bailout For Shoppers

    The stock market isn't the only thing in freefall. According to the Federal Reserve Board, Americans owe nearly $1 trillion in credit-card debt. To … Read the whole story

  • Ripple Effect: Newspaper Cuts Hit AP, Newspaper Guild

    The collapse of the newspaper industry is taking a toll on businesses and organizations closely associated with newspapers, including the Associated Press and the … Read the whole story

  • No Free Ride: ESPN Charges For Some Web Shows

    ESPN appears to be heeding cable operators' frustrations with networks placing so much of their premium content on the Web for free. It has … Read the whole story

  • Yellowbook: New Campaign Trumpets Local Innovation shows off its new interactive features--such as rating local businesses--through a new advertising campaign that engages viewers and helps consumers improve their searches. Read the whole story

  • Radio Revenues Down 9% in Q3, 10% In October

    Radio advertising revenues fell 9% in the third quarter of 2008 to $4.96 billion, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau, which released the quarterly … Read the whole story

  • 'Scrubs' Moves To ABC

    After seven seasons on NBC, comedy "Scrubs" makes its debut on ABC on Monday--sort of. Episodes of previous seasons will be available on … Read the whole story