Thursday, May 27, 2010
  • Kantar: Total Ad Revs Up 5%, Spot Rebounds

    U.S advertising tallied strong double-digit gains for television platforms for the first quarter of 2010 -- but still, troubling times remain for magazines and ... Read the whole story

  • More Viewers Watch Syndie Shows Live

    In a growing DVR world, syndication is again making the case for delivering plenty of young viewers to advertisers -- especially viewers who watch ... Read the whole story

  • Zinio Introduces Bundling for Print, Digital Subs

    Zinio, which creates and distributes digital editions for magazine publishers, has introduced several new options for marketing print and digital pubs, giving publishers new ... Read the whole story

  • Shanks Joins Fox Sports As President

    Eric Shanks, who brought a drama about football to DirecTV and oversaw the real thing, is joining Fox Sports as president. The 38-year-old takes ... Read the whole story

  • Bragging Rights: 'WSJ' Audience Booms, 'NYT' Flat, 'USA Today' Sinks

    A strategy of aggressive promotion and new distribution partnerships has paid off for The Wall Street Journal, which saw readership grow 20% in the ... Read the whole story

  • Toyota's Highlander Steers TBS' 'There'

    Toyota has inked a deal for a full-season, multifaceted sponsorship of TBS' new family comedy "Are We There Yet?" A Toyota Highlander will be ... Read the whole story

  • Extended Wear: Bridgestone Drives NHL Partnership

    Bridgestone has signed a five-year deal extending its relationship with the National Hockey League. It's also slapping its name for a few more years ... Read the whole story