Tuesday, December 14, 2010
  • Program Survival: Cable Shows Face Tough Challenge

    Is there a new cable program viewership threshold when it comes to what new programs survive --- or are canceled? Perhaps more than broadcast, … Read the whole story

  • E = Time + R2

    We're not exactly sure how Randall Rothenberg got the nickname R2. It's probably just the rrrrrresonance of his initials, but we like to think … Read the whole story

  • Mag '10 Round-up: 193 Launches, 176 Closures

    The consumer magazine business -- battered but resilient after the recession -- is growing again, at least in the number of magazines being published. … Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Pulls Plug on Radio Ratings

    Arbitron can rest a little easier today, with the surprise announcement from Nielsen Co. that it is shutting down its nascent radio ratings service. … Read the whole story

  • ESPN Acquires PVI Technology

    ESPN has acquired the bulk of intellectual property rights held by PVI Virtual Media Services from Cablevision. PVI made its mark by developing the … Read the whole story

  • Taxi-Tops Get Bigger, Brighter For 'Spider-Man, 'Wicked'

    Taxi-top billboards are getting a makeover, courtesy of Show Media, which is overhauling its fleet of taxi-top spots to make them three times brighter … Read the whole story

  • Time Inc. Taps Rothenberg As Chief Digital Officer

    Starting in January, Randall Rothenberg is responsible for developing Time Inc's digital growth strategy, as well as coordinating its editorial, tech, marketing and advertising … Read the whole story

  • NAB Launches Campaign To Protect Broadcast TV

    With the FCC considering new regulations, the broadcast industry's trade group is launching an ad campaign to forestall any government action it deems harmful. … Read the whole story

  • NFL Scores For NBC, CBS Wins 'Race'

    As the season winds down, NFL football ratings winds up -- and NBC gets a windfall. The Eages-Cowboys game netted NBC a 6.9 rating, … Read the whole story