Thursday, July 21, 2011
  • Digital Expansion: Amazon Streams CBS

    Keeping with TV networks' efforts to spread around its content to different digital video distributors, CBS Corp. and announced a non-exclusive licensing agreement. Read the whole story

  • Mass Medium: TV Is Solo Act, Internet, Print Shared

    When it comes to multitasking, TV is more of a "solo" platform than any other. Other media -- the Internet, newspapers and magazines -- … Read the whole story

  • Verizon Brings Pandora to FiOS TV

    Pandora's push to become a multiplatform service got a boost this week with Verizon's announcement that it will make the personalized Internet radio service … Read the whole story

  • Cord-Cutting On Rise, 10% Of Homes By 2015

    A new report estimates about 4.5 million, or 4%, of U.S. homes will have only over-the-top delivery of video service by the end of … Read the whole story

  • ABC Milks BoxTop Media

    An ABC rep firm has inked a deal to begin selling inventory on the sides of milk cartons. The agreement with BoxTop Media offers … Read the whole story

  • WPP Invests In Affectiva, Mining Emotional Metrics

    WPP is making another bet that it will be able to craft better marketing programs for its clients -- if it can discover more … Read the whole story

  • Hearst Auto Titles Rev Up Social Commerce

    With several new automotive enthusiast titles in its stable, Hearst Corp. is roaring into the social commerce arena with new group discount services offered … Read the whole story