MAD Agency Daily
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
  • Magna Global: Programmatic Ad Spend Will Reach $37 Billion By 2019

    According to Magna Global's just issued report, programmatic ad spend will account for about a third of display and video expenditures this year -- … Read the whole story

  • News Corp. Becomes Merkle's First Publisher For People Ad-Targeting Platform

    Merkle will release a platform Monday at the start of Advertising Week that allows marketers to use first- and third-party data to identify and … Read the whole story

  • People Want Helpful Brands

    Although many people believe they are lied to by marketers, according to stats cited at Monday's Advertising Week session "Do Brands Still Matter?" more … Read the whole story

  • For Marketers, Big Data Lacks Adequate Analytics

    An Advertising Week panel hosted by Bloomberg's David Westin covered lots of topics, including data analytics ad-blocking, data creep, and the blurring line between … Read the whole story

  • Full Transparency In Adland? Not Likely

    In Adland transparency is a negotiation. The goal: achieve your objectives, whether you're an advertiser, agency, media owner or ad tech platform without revealing … Read the whole story

  • Let The Blame Games Begin!

    If we didn't already, now we know for sure that consumers don't love our brands and ads so much. Apparently, they're prepared to pay … Read the whole story

  • FTC's Julie Brill Tells Ad Tech Companies To Improve Privacy Protections

    The Federal Trade Commission's Julie Brill is taking the online ad industry to task for failing to move forward with a universal do-not-track mechanism. Read the whole story