MAD Agency Daily
Friday, July 1, 2016
  • MediaCom Wins $50 Million BRP Account

    BRP, based in Quebec, makes Ski-Doo snowmobiles and other recreational products. The selection came after a review. The incumbent was Geometry, which like MediaCom … Read the whole story

  • How VR Will Transform Marketing

    It's still early days, but a Horizon Media summit on the topic earlier this week addressed the potential of the VR medium. While it's … Read the whole story

  • Hennessy Launches First US Campaign In A Decade For V.S.O.P. Privilege

    Droga5 developed the effort, called "Harmony, Mastered From Chaos," for the cognac maker, in partnership with Tool of North America and Active Theory. The … Read the whole story

  • How Far Would You Go, Mate?

    180LA, Expedia and Tourism Australia are partnering on a new campaign to drive tourism Down Under. "The campaign doesn't hide Australia's perceived negative, which … Read the whole story

  • Kellogg Opening Millennial-Friendly Cereal Cafe

    The Times Square restaurant will offer dishes made of Kellogg's cereals and ingredients such as lime zest, pistachios, marshmallows, thyme, blueberry jam and ice … Read the whole story

  • Dumb & Dumber: The Sad, Pandering State Of The Bud Light Campaign

    Each sports a different shade of blue, to conjure up a would-be Presidential uniform. And their goal is to electrify the nation as they … Read the whole story

  • Get Ready To Hire The Latest Generation: Digitals

    I really miss the vibrancy, optimism, and fun-loving nature of my former Millennial students. The quieter, geekier Digitals require a very different kind of … Read the whole story