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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
  • Ad Blocking Forces Creative Solutions From Advertisers

    eMarketer forecasts that ad blocking will become a major obstacle for advertisers. More than 15% of Internet users in the U.S. used ad blocking … Read the whole story

  • MEC Drives New Partnership With AOL, Michelin

    The new digital hub Car Connections hosts original videos, images, and articles to "help bring motoring to life," says the agency. Read the whole story

  • Johannes Leonardo Rounds Out Exec Team

    Mark Aronson was promoted to head of strategy, and Maria Perez was hired as head of print production and executive producer. Read the whole story

  • Brands Eager For Authentic Influencers

    Authenticity goes a long way. Just ask Joanna Franco, co-creator of "Shut Up and Go." She moved to Los Angeles from Brazil by way … Read the whole story

  • Gillette Gets Into The Olympic Spirit

    Gillette shows the darker side of the 2016 Olympic Games with "Prefect Isn't Pretty," which focuses on the hard, unrelenting work Olympic athletes put … Read the whole story

  • Seven Daughters Gets Canned

    The "Yes You Can" campaign supports the alcohol brand's first line of wine in a can, targeting Millennial women. Read the whole story

  • Ad Blocking -- Time To Appease The Frustrated?

    Six in ten ad blockers cut out ads because of the poor user experience. Surely it's time that the industry compromises with the overloaded? Read the whole story

  • Recognizing 3 Challenger Brand Geniuses

    When was the last time that you discovered a new product, and then realized it was only new to you? Or, rediscovered a product … Read the whole story