MAD Agency Daily
Friday, September 22, 2017
  • ANA: Ad-Marketing Recruitment System Strained 'To A Breaking Point'

    A new report from the ANA Educational Foundation cites a "looming crisis" driven by "a lack of common vision, vocabulary and perceived relevance among ... Read the whole story

  • BSSP Awarded Mitsubishi AOR Duties

    BSSP will be responsible for creative duties as the automaker builds brand awareness in North America, supported by two new vehicle launches and work ... Read the whole story

  • Armstrong Flooring Aligns With Women For 'New Look Of Tough" Campaign

    The company is launching a new multifaceted campaign developed in-house. Armstrong Flooring did a direct buy with HGTV for an integrated partnership. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Releasing Thousands Of Russian Influence Ads To Congress

    Facebook Thursday afternoon said it will provide detailed information about thousands of ads placed by Russian operatives on the social network to Congressional investigators, ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Rules -- All Day, Every Day

    We are officially in a mobile-first world as mobile is shown to be the favoured device for Internet access all day long. Read the whole story