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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Unilever's Weed: 'Trust Is Everything For A Brand'

    Speaking at a Cannes event today, Weed dismissed criticisms that the firm's "fake follower ban" was about saving money. "Trust is everything for a … Read the whole story

  • Can AI Enhance Creativity?

    It's been tried, in some cases with laughable results, as with last year's AI-written chapter of Harry Potter in which Ron Weasley attempted to … Read the whole story

  • Snap Shows Off Its Creative Side At Cannes

    No Ferris wheel this year; instead the tech platform has transformed the Centre D'Art La Malmaison into an immersive audio-visual installation. Read the whole story

  • Adland's Shifting Approach To Masculine Portrayals

    Advertisers are slowly starting to embrace more realistic portrayals of men who are doing more housework and childcare, supporting their wives' careers and coaching … Read the whole story

  • Cannes Kicks Off With Attendees Lamenting The Lack Of Star Power

    Several companies hosted gatherings on Sunday to let early attendees meet and mingle. Unfortunately, the French air and rail strike put a damper on … Read the whole story

  • David Droga Displays His Can-Do Spirit At Cannes

    "If you put your chips into something you believe, you have to roll the dice sometimes," he told those attending his monologue at Cannes … Read the whole story