Publishers Daily
Monday, June 20, 2016
  • Conde Nast Launches Spire For Consumer Purchase Insights, Targeting

    High-end magazine publisher Conde Nast has joined forces with 1010data, a data analytics platform owned by corporate sibling Advance Publications, to launch Conde Nast ... Read the whole story

  • Tribune Publishing Becomes Tronc, Debuts New Site

    The site aggregates content from the publisher's newspaper Web sites -- from the Los Angeles Times to the Chicago Tribune. It is broken up ... Read the whole story

  • 'Entertainment Weekly' To Host Con-X Fan Experience At Comic-Con International

    'EW' has been a part of Comic-Con for the past nine years, but this is the first time the brand will have a consumer-facing ... Read the whole story

  • Are Publishers The New Quarterbacks?

    One solution being undertaken by more brands is to consolidate budgets in the hands of strategic publisher partners. They can serve as a "quarterback" ... Read the whole story

  • Most People Share Content Without Reading It

    A new study by Columbia University and the French National Institute found the majority of links shared on social media are passed along by ... Read the whole story

  • UPDATED: Meet Tronc The Video Thing

    Tronc, what was once called Tribune Publishing, intends to have video to monetize half of its pages--by next year. Is Wibbitz involved? Read the whole story