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Monday, August 29, 2016
  • Engines May Need To Pay To List Articles In Search Results

    Plans by the European Union may have search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo paying publishers to list parts of articles in search query results ... Read the whole story

  • Meyer Selected As President, North Jersey Media Group

    Nancy Meyer, who began her career at Gannett, is now head of the North Jersey Media Group, which includes 'The Record' and 'The Herald.' Read the whole story

  • Ad-Tech Execs Weigh In On Facebook's Entry Into Header Bidding

    Facebook's entry into header bidding means different things for stakeholders in the ad-tech ecosystem. A few stakeholders weigh in on the various implications. Read the whole story

  • A Third Of Native Ads Fail To Comply With FTC Guidelines, Less-Explicit Ads Perform Better

    About a third of native ad placements fail to comply with federal disclosure guidelines, according to an analysis by Polar, a native advertising developer. ... Read the whole story