Publishers Daily
Friday, November 18, 2016
  • 'Onion' CEO To Head Ad Sales For Fusion Media Group

    Univision began centralizing its digital revenue and ad sales efforts across all its English-language brands last month. Fusion Media Group will look into ecommerce … Read the whole story

  • Ad-Tech Stock Decline Coming? Fake News Snafus Don't Help

    Facebook's imbroglio concerning fake news and the misrepresentation of metrics is having an impact on ad-tech stocks like Rubicon Project. Richard Tullo, research analyst … Read the whole story

  • Clarification: 'Economist' Ads On MTA Don't Run On OutFront Kiosks

    Ads from 'The Economist' are only running on Intersection-controlled "On-the-Go" kiosks and not on OutFront kiosks. Read the whole story

  • Obama Warns Against Fake News

    President Obama has added his voice to the growing chorus of concern about fake news social media, during a joint press conference with German … Read the whole story

  • How Publishers Gain Bargaining Power As New Platforms Enter Ad Market

    After a long stretch of publisher submission to Google and Facebook, the rising competition between digital platforms is good news for publishers. However, publishers … Read the whole story