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Tuesday, June 5, 2018
  • 'NYT' Debuts 'Charm City,' 5-Part Investigative Podcast

    The series interviews Nook's grandmother, Davetta Parker, and mother, Toby Douglas, and their efforts to find the truth about his death. Read the whole story

  • Simplaex Unveils AI-Powered Rivr To Help Advertisers Reach Audience

    Meant to tackle the increasingly complicated relationship between publishers and advertisers, Rivr offers a new level of precision by simplifying the supply chain. Read the whole story

  • 'Fast Company' Introduces 2 Podcasts, YouTube Series

    The two podcast series will be called "Secrets of the Most Productive People" and "Creative Conversation." They will alternate with new episodes every Wednesday. Read the whole story

  • Facebook Political Ad Labels Threaten News Media, Group Tells Congress

    "By conflating 'reporting' and 'politics,' Facebook is further contributing to the erosion of trust of the news media," the News Media Alliance writes in … Read the whole story

  • Five Ways To Fail With Email Newsletters

    There is plenty of blame to be shared when email newsletters flop. But it often starts at the top. Read the whole story

  • Google And Facebook Are Winners Under GDPR

    Putting aside any debate about whether governments should legislate consumer privacy, the more pressing question is this: Will a government enforce legislation that unintentionally … Read the whole story