Publishers Daily
Friday, June 29, 2018
  • 'Self' Introduces Plus-Size Cover Model

    The issue offers a collection of stories about how people deal with their bodies and the stigmatizing power weight and size holds in American … Read the whole story

  • 'Politico' Expands To Canada

    'Politico' will build a daily newsletter and monthly briefing to subscribers in Canada, covering global trade in relation to the country. Read the whole story

  • Trusted Media Brands, Hearst Tap New Top Execs

    Beth Buehler will become the first vice president of operations at Hearst on July 2. Larry Mlawski has been appointed to the role of … Read the whole story

  • News Media: Better Than You Think

    According to the Knight Foundation, Americans believe 39% of the news they see on television, read in the newspapers or hear on the radio … Read the whole story

  • Google Invests $22 Million In KaiOS Running On Nokia Mobile Phone

    The companies will collaborate to make Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search available to users running KaiOS, a Linux-based mobile operating system. … Read the whole story

  • Trump-Pence Campaign Asks For Funds To Combat Democrats' 'Media Machine'

    There is an interesting direct-to-consumer media funding model emerging from the Trump Pence campaign this week. In an email signed by Vice President Mike … Read the whole story