Publishers Daily
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  • Forecast: U.S. Newspaper Revenue To Fall 2.6% Through 2022

    An improvement is expected -- credited to a stabilization following efforts by digital media to find substitutions for lost advertising revenue and disrupted industry. Read the whole story

  • Top Newspapers Pay Women, Minorities Less

    The "Mind the gap: Uncovering disparity in the Newsroom" report analyzed pay-equity studies from seven newsrooms, and interviewed nearly 30 journalists in nine newsrooms ... Read the whole story

  • Hearst, Verizon Shutter Rated Red, Conservative Video Brand

    Rated Red branded itself as "the voice of Heartland millennials," with videos ranging from live music performances to gun reviews and food shows on ... Read the whole story

  • Few Facebook Users Have Heard Of 'Watch,' Fewer Actually Watch It

    More than a year after its launch, few Facebook users say they are watching "Watch." According to a TDG Research survey of 1,632 adult ... Read the whole story

  • Deconstructing The Google/Facebook Duopoly

    To have a duopoly, you need domination and control. In 2017, Google and Facebook together took a 59% slice of all digital ad revenues ... Read the whole story