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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
  • TheSkimm, Tic Toc Launch New Digital Series

    "Getting There" is the first project to come out of Katie Couric Media, following a recent expansion and new type of content model for ... Read the whole story

  • Publishing And The Dark Art Of UX

    The new ad types means that inventory is varied; the result is that web visitors have a wide range of experiences of advertising. Publishers ... Read the whole story

  • Trump Attacks Google News Results, Search Experts Debunk Bias Claim

    Search marketing experts seemed puzzled Tuesday morning by President Trump's attack of Google in tweets that accused the company of prioritizing liberal "fake news" ... Read the whole story

  • Why We No Longer Want To Know What's True

    We're developing a weird relationship with the truth. It's becoming even more inconvenient, and more worrisome. Read the whole story