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Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • 'Morning Brew' Launches Retail Newsletter, Plans Future Expansion

    Morning Brew debuted a vertical targeted at the retail and ecommerce space today. The space is big enough to grow an audience, but niche … Read the whole story

  • Maven Acquires 'TheStreet,' Boosts Financial Offerings

    TheStreet will form the core of a finance vertical at Maven, covering categories like long and short equities and bond ideas. Read the whole story

  • Wibbitz Debuts Customizable Video Creation Interface

    Wibbitz's video creation platform uses artificial intelligence to make content for editorial, marketing and social. The company works with publishers like 'Bloomberg,' Reuters, NBC … Read the whole story

  • Educating Doctors: Haymarket Media Sends Triggered Emails Based On Content Viewed

    Physicians who click on an article about diabetes will soon be served a newsletter with more on the subject. Read the whole story