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Monday, May 9, 2022
  • Hearst Magazines Names Chief People Officer

    Formerly at SoulCycle, Adwoa Dadzie will join Hearst June 6, overseeing a department that comprises the HR, people operations and talent acquisition teams. Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn To Show Less Low-Quality Content, Polls Used As Bait In Feed

    LinkedIn plans to reduce the visibility of some types of content and baiting tactics, and is taking steps to reduce the amount of this … Read the whole story

  • 4A's Call For Transparency In Measurement Currency Methodologies

    Marketers and agencies require an accurate way to compare currencies to allocate their investment in ways to maximize the marketer's return on ad spend. … Read the whole story

  • Talent: Key To A Brighter, Ethical Future In Advertising

    To carve out an ethics-centric future, we need to look to our greatest asset: our talent. Read the whole story

  • The Myth Of Neutrality

    It's really hard to acknowledge someone else's perspective as valid -- especially If you fit the dominant paradigm of your culture. Read the whole story