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Thursday, May 12, 2022
  • My Code Acquires Majority Stake In Impremedia

    Impremedia's Spanish-language daily newspapers and digital media outlets include "El Diario," the oldest daily in the United States for Spanish speakers. Read the whole story

  • There's A Bright Future Ahead For The News Business -- Here's Why

    For example, media companies should consider joint venture investments in local content creators, with 90% of the funding coming from local investors. Read the whole story

  • Google To Give Users Control Of Ad Content They See Across Its Properties

    Google has previewed the launch of a feature that will give people more control of the ads they see across Search, Discover, and YouTube. … Read the whole story

  • Connecticut Governor Signs Sweeping Privacy Bill

    Connecticut has become the fifth state to enact a comprehensive privacy law that allows consumers to reject online ad targeting. Read the whole story

  • Whatever Happened To The Subscription Economy?

    Can a subscription model succeed now? I still think the answer is yes, but the market has certainly appeared to cool down, and clutter … Read the whole story

  • How To Make Online Reviews The Key To Success

    Advice from Adele Gutman -- who, as VP of marketing at the The Library Hotels, kept the properties at the top of TripAdvisor rankings. Read the whole story