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Thursday, June 16, 2022
  • 'WaPo,' Imagine Entertainment Partner To Create TV, Movies From 'Post' Journalism

    It's a multiyear deal under which Imagine has an exclusive first look right to develop and produce projects. Read the whole story

  • BeReal: The Rise Of The 'Anti-Instagram'

    Due to BeReal's ethos of transparency and authenticity, brands must decide whether its audience resonates with the app. Read the whole story

  • Email Sidekick: B2B Marketers Take A Hard Look At Direct Mail

    Digital fatigue is causing many B2B brands to consider physical mail. But many lack the systems to support direct mail personalization, Read the whole story

  • Handshake Or Fist-Bump?

    My tolerance changes depending on the situation and my own comfort level. After meeting up with 10 or 15 people at a conference, I … Read the whole story

  • Why Purpose-Driven Ads Are Underperforming Mainstream Ones

    Pitching brand support for sustainability, social justice and other causes may be important, but it's not hooking consumers to pay attention. Read the whole story