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Monday, December 13, 2010
  • Glam Media Names Stern To Head New Social Communities Unit

    Signaling broader social ambitions, Glam Media on Monday named Ryan Stern as head of a newly created Social Communities unit. With its blog-based origins, ... Read the whole story

  • Email and Social Marketing Top Budgets

    A new StrongMail survey in late November, conducted by Zoomerang, reflects the attitudes of business leaders in regards to their planned marketing budgets, priorities ... Read the whole story

  • How Will Social Impact Paid Search?

    While the jury is still out on whether or not social will impact paid search, a heated discussion at the Search Insider Summit in ... Read the whole story

  • Will the Real Twitter Please Stand Up?

    Hmmm. The people I hang with on Twitter are so out there. And here I thought I was part of the Twitter mainstream. Last ... Read the whole story

  • getting recs from Facebook "likes," social media?

    "In my friends and family, I'm usually the first person to discover stuff," according to Danny Fuhriman, senior majoring in PolySci at U of ... Read the whole story

  • 100% of college panelists use phones for search, social media

    5 out of 5 use their smartphones for these purposes 3 out of 5 used the word "addiction" in reference to their smartphone usage ... Read the whole story

  • social media influence gets you free stuff

    Lou Kerner of Webbush just told us about, a new site which measures your overall online influence via social media platforms. If you ... Read the whole story

  • Does Twitter make conferences less social?

    Some of the panelists at the SIS noted that audience members weren't exactly overflowing with questions after their discussion. Since it seems unlikely that ... Read the whole story

  • social synonyms... on weed?

    One of the big sub-disciplines of search marketing is adducing synonyms for likely search terms and using those to reach searchers at lower cost. ... Read the whole story

  • paid search + social click-throughs better than paid search alone

    John Yi, strategic manager of APIs for Facebook, just shared some interesting data from Group M which suggests that social media and search marketing ... Read the whole story