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Thursday, May 26, 2011
  • Myspace Finds Its Place: That's Social Entertainment

    Social media, especially big social-networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, are transforming the way online users interact with everything from politics to brand ... Read the whole story

  • Scarfing Up Social: First Wal-Mart, Then Tesco

    Last month, Wal-Mart spent $300 million to buy social media firm Kosmix; this week. Dunnhumby -- owned by Wal-Mart rival Tesco -- snapped up ... Read the whole story

  • Overdrive Compares Google, Bing Social Search Results

    Companies more active on Facebook or interested in real-time news get better social search results with Microsoft's Bing than Google, per Overdrive Interactive. Conversely, ... Read the whole story

  • Me (@cpealet) And Twitter: Not the Same As It Used To Be

    Upon the occasion yesterday of Twitter buying Tweetdeck, it's time to ponder something that has intrigued me for some time: how my Twitter usage ... Read the whole story

  • Social Networks Appealing To Affluents

    Among the general population, the main reason cited for connecting with brands on social networks was to receive deals and discounts. This result backs ... Read the whole story