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Tuesday, May 8, 2012
  • Facebook Ads Strike Chord With Consumers

    The percentage of Facebook budgets allocated toward social ads rose to 23% -- up from 5% in the past 12 months, according to data ... Read the whole story

  • Flurry: Photo/Video Fastest-Growing App Category

    In the wake of Facebook's $1 billion deal for Instagram, the spotlight has fallen on a new crop of video-sharing apps moving up the ... Read the whole story

  • Social's Limited Marketing Might

    Social may have established itself as a brand-building requirement, but -- as some marketers have learned the hard way -- it can't yet replace ... Read the whole story

  • CBS Looks To Centralize Social Media Interaction

    CBS is trying to establish a social media locus for conversation and interaction related to its programming across all dayparts as networks look to ... Read the whole story

  • Kotex Natural Balance Takes On Cliches

    Kimberly-Clark's Kotex Natural Balance brand is standing up for what's real. The feminine hygiene brand is tapping comedienne Heather McDonald to star in a ... Read the whole story

  • Is Reality Broken?

    Is reality broken? I've been grappling with the idea ever since reading "Reality is Broken" by Jane McGonigal, who argues that games provide a ... Read the whole story