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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • Radionomy Brings DIY Ad-Monetized Internet Radio To U.S. Market

    The Internet might eventually kill traditional broadcast radio, but marketers at neighborhood stores, as well as large companies like Nike and Lexus, now have ... Read the whole story

  • Sports Fans Turn More To Web, Social Media

    TV remains the dominant channel through which consumers get their sports fix. But now 26% cite content Web sites as their main connection to ... Read the whole story

  • Survey Says Price Matters For Targeting Search Ads

    Marketers at mid-priced retailers and brands will miss a great opportunity to market products to affluent consumers during the holidays if they don't get ... Read the whole story

  • Multiple Digital Platforms Boost TV Viewing

    According to new research from Avid and Ovum, says George Winslow of B&C, broadcasters and media executives are generally optimistic about both their traditional ... Read the whole story

  • What if Social Media Existed In 79 A.D.?

    Thanks to social media and smartphones, breaking news is recorded, posted and shared with a rapidity unheard of in days past. How would past ... Read the whole story

  • Trimming The Fat And Dropping The Pounds

    Excess weight is on my mind today. It could be because I started a 90-day Fitness Challenge. Or because I bought a FitBit for ... Read the whole story