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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • Radionomy Brings DIY Ad-Monetized Internet Radio To U.S. Market

    The Internet might eventually kill traditional broadcast radio, but marketers at neighborhood stores, as well as large companies like Nike and Lexus, now have … Read the whole story

  • Sports Fans Turn More To Web, Social Media

    TV remains the dominant channel through which consumers get their sports fix. But now 26% cite content Web sites as their main connection to … Read the whole story

  • Survey Says Price Matters For Targeting Search Ads

    Marketers at mid-priced retailers and brands will miss a great opportunity to market products to affluent consumers during the holidays if they don't get … Read the whole story

  • Multiple Digital Platforms Boost TV Viewing

    According to new research from Avid and Ovum, says George Winslow of B&C, broadcasters and media executives are generally optimistic about both their traditional … Read the whole story

  • What if Social Media Existed In 79 A.D.?

    Thanks to social media and smartphones, breaking news is recorded, posted and shared with a rapidity unheard of in days past. How would past … Read the whole story

  • Trimming The Fat And Dropping The Pounds

    Excess weight is on my mind today. It could be because I started a 90-day Fitness Challenge. Or because I bought a FitBit for … Read the whole story

  • Users Increase Time On All Activities When Using Tablets, finds Mobext and Socialyse

    MPG Contacts mobile and social media divisions, Mobext & Socialyse, share key findings of a major global research project with mobile network inMobi, exploring … Read the whole story