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Thursday, September 20, 2012
  • Social Data Moves Into Ad Targeting Role

    As brands struggle to identify the value and connections of Facebook Fans, engineers and developers at social media sharing, advertising and data companies like … Read the whole story

  • Fox Tracks Social Media-TV Interaction

    Young-skewing Fox Broadcasting wants to make sure it's following -- and valuing -- social media interaction with its TV shows. To that end, it … Read the whole story

  • Does Social Media Have A Bad Romance With Latinos?

    The Latino romance with social media has been a passionate one. We've embraced this frontier for the betterment of our careers and our businesses. … Read the whole story

  • Better Connected When Sharing

    According to a recent study by Intel Corporation, conducted by Ipsos, across the globe people share information online for two main reasons: connection and … Read the whole story

  • The Tricky Intersection Of Social And Search

    People don't trust search ads. At least, 64% of people don't trust search ads. Apparently, search is not unique. According to the same research, … Read the whole story