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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
  • Planet Fitness Pushes 'Pat On The Back'

    Rather than talking about "getting ripped," losing weight or other traditional gym messages, Planet Fitness, in a new national marketing campaign, is encouraging people … Read the whole story

  • Farmers Insurance Rides With Kasey Kahne

    Farmers Insurance is angling for pole position on the NASCAR track. The company, which this year signed a three-year deal with Hendrick Motorsports around … Read the whole story

  • Emmys Hyped By Social Media Interactions

    Social media TV consumers hyped ABC's "64th Prime Time Emmy Awards" on Sunday night -- much more than a year ago. But the big … Read the whole story

  • Social Business Is Guacamole

    Social media is like an avocado: tougher to grow than you may think; its awesomeness is not readily apparent from the outside; and if … Read the whole story

  • Online Life in Pictures

    A nationally representative phone survey, by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, finds that 46% of internet users post original photos … Read the whole story

  • Why Agencies Are Better Equipped To Get Search + Social

    Fellow Search Insider Rob Garner recently summarized a few of the key findings from this year's SEMPO marketer survey, noting an interesting data point … Read the whole story

  • Foursquare For Great White Sharks

    Who said mobile check-ins were just for humans? They also work well for sharks, including great white sharks. Great white sharks? Read the whole story

  • Social Media Has Changed Us - And Now We're Going to Return the Favor

    The top 100 TV shows have Twitter accounts.  Every new theatrical release has a Facebook page.  Heck, a quarter of TV ads now proudly … Read the whole story