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Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • New Monster Site Project Focuses On Millennials

    Project You -- a new microsite from Monster, promises young users a better of understanding of themselves (and their career goals) simply by answering … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads

    Taking another page from Facebook, Twitter is rolling out new ad tools to help marketers and developers drive mobile app installs. They includes the … Read the whole story

  • Omnicom Media Group Expands In Latin America

    The company has acquired Santiago-based Media Interactive SA, one of the biggest digital shops in the region with offices in Chile, Columbia and Peru. … Read the whole story

  • KFC Drives Millennial Buzz With Chicken Corsages

    Buyers receive the basics, including baby's breath, and a $5 voucher for the piece of chicken that's to be attached, redeemable at their local … Read the whole story

  • Vizio Knows Moms Love Tech, Too

    Lily Knowles, vice president of product marketing for Vizio, tells "Marketing Daily," "Moms are becoming a more common influencer and decision maker for technology … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Isn't Everything

    Apparently a robust Twitter following doesn't guarantee success at everything one tries in life. It seems the elimination of Cody Simpson and his partner … Read the whole story

  • Blab Predicts With 70% Accuracy Trending Topics 72 Hours In Advance

    The Seattle-based startup Blab wants to become the crystal ball of advertising. It created technology allowing brands to predict, with 70% accuracy, trending topics … Read the whole story