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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
  • Facebook CTRs Rise 20%, Ad Impressions Soar 41%

    While user growth remains a real concern, Facebook appears to be perfecting the art of monetization. Indeed, the social giant saw click-through rates (CTRs) … Read the whole story

  • GE Shows Off 'Super' Materials With #SpringBreakIt Campaign

    As part of a larger social media campaign spanning Twitter, Tumblr and other platforms, GE is releasing slow-motion videos featuring items undergoing "crush it," … Read the whole story

  • Dodge 100th Anniversary Video Goes Viral

    "This is precisely the kind of advertisement we have come to expect from Chrysler," veteran auto analyst Michelle Krebs tells "Marketing Daily." "If you … Read the whole story

  • JW Marriott, Team One Launch Photo-Sharing App CUR8

    It's part of the hotel chain's effort to 'reposition itself and focus on the small details that matter most to their customer,' says Nick … Read the whole story

  • Bing Predicts 'American Idol' Winners

    Microsoft believes it can predict the outcome of some favorite TV competitions like "American Idol," "Dancing With The Stars," and "The Voice." The latest … Read the whole story

  • 5 Tips And Even More Reasons To Integrate Search And Social Campaigns

    Consumers clicking on an advertiser's paid-search and social advertisement will double conversion rates, compared with those who only click on the former. Consumers who … Read the whole story

  • Tech Savvy Millennials Take Over Spending From Boomers

    For marketers, Millennials are the most important generation to come along in the last 100 years, according to a recent Adroit Digital study. This … Read the whole story