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Friday, August 15, 2014
  • Sprinklr Acquires TBG Digital, Ups Media Profile

    Continuing its acquisition tear, Sprinklr has agreed to buy social marketing veteran TBG Digital. The social media management firm said the addition of TBG ... Read the whole story

  • Twix Bites Launches 'Throwback Thursday' Campaign

    Twix reports that videos will be released each Thursday "as part of the naturally occurring #TBT dialogue," and promoted with a cross-platform digital campaign ... Read the whole story

  • Acquires Q&A Social Network, Prepares To Add Tools To Increase Safety, owned by IAC/InteractiveCorp, said Thursday it had acquired, a question-and-answer social network, signaling another move to integrate search and social. The social ... Read the whole story

  • HP Transforms Vine Videos Into A TV Ad

    The transformation was not part of the original plan, executives at HP ad shop 180LA say. But one Vine video became a viral sensation, ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Is An Advertising Channel -- Isn't It Time We All Got Over It?

    Does it really matter to Facebook that brands are getting more organic reach on other social sites? Not one bit. Facebook is all about ... Read the whole story

  • Millennials Are Cashing In On Their Social Influence

    Welcome to the new age of influence, where 20-something content creators on Vine can make as much as $20,000 for a 6-second video and ... Read the whole story

  • I'll Have That Campaign With Ice

    You are challenged to take the dunk. If you don't, you donate to the association. Therefore, everyone pictured getting iced is presumably not donating. ... Read the whole story