Social Media & Marketing Daily
Friday, May 5, 2017
  • New Ad-Tech Consortium Aims To Rival Facebook, Google On Targeting Front

    In an effort to curtail the competitive advantage Facebook and Google have in people-based marketing, global ad-tech companies have set up a consortium to … Read the whole story

  • Super 8 Campaign Finds the Humor in #RoadTripFails

    Developed with agency Terri & Sandy, the multi-million dollar campaign contrasts the not-so-perfect moments of the open road with the restful moments that await … Read the whole story

  • Snap Debuts Ad-Buying Platform

    Snapchat Ad Manager should make it easier for brands to buy ads on the self-described "camera company." With Ad Manager, Snap partners can choose … Read the whole story

  • Paid Search And Social Ad Spend Continues Y-O-Y Double Digit Growth

    Social ad spending increased 41% year-over-year supported by substantial (153%) growth in video ads, and Dynamic Product Ad (202%) spending. Increased spending on mobile … Read the whole story

  • Email Is The Ultimate ID Tool In A Mobile-First World

    In a mobile-first digital marketing landscape, how else are you going to recognise consumers on multiple devices and channels, if not by email? Read the whole story