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Friday, May 19, 2017
  • Florida Group Seized By Big Idea! Uses Clickbait To Market Itself!

    "Florida Man" headlines are widely used clickbait for many media outlets. Now, a Big Brothers and Sisters group in the state, along with its … Read the whole story

  • Twitter Updates Privacy Policy, Ad Engagement

    New personalization and data settings offer users more control over how Twitter can exploit their data, personalize their interfaces, and whether information may be … Read the whole story

  • Glidden Attempts To Uncomplicate Painting

    The campaign is aimed at DIYers who value learning and take pride in doing, Glidden's Dave Marecic tells "Marketing Daily." Read the whole story

  • Social Media And Messaging Giants Will Feel PM's Wrath

    A small section of the Conservatives' manifesto calls out social and messaging giants. If the PM is re-elected, a new levy will make them … Read the whole story

  • Understanding The Fickle Adult Beverage Consumer

    Many of us will head to the grocery store this Memorial Day weekend to pick up a few items and, inevitably, that includes grabbing … Read the whole story

  • The Converging Worlds Of Sports And Entertainment

    With the growing fusion of sports and pop culture, brands have a broader opportunity to fit themselves into the landscape and create a more … Read the whole story