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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  • New Tech Tracks Ads Cross Device, Raises Privacy Concerns

    Ultrasonic pitches embedded into TV commercials or in ads served in a computer browser have the ability to connect with other devices. The human … Read the whole story

  • TVEyes And DirecTV Settle Battle Over Clips

    Television monitoring company TVEyes has agreed to resolve a lawsuit brought by satellite provider DirecTV, according to new court papers filed on Monday. Read the whole story

  • Purina Campaign Focuses On U.S. Manufacturing

    The campaign, which includes TV, digital and packaging, uses employee stories to remind pet owners how Dog Chow is made with high-quality ingredients in … Read the whole story

  • An Epitaph For Broadcast TV

    CBS doesn't think the new "Star Trek" series should be on broadcast television (except for the premiere episode of the new show). Is that … Read the whole story

  • TV: Wasteland And Wonder

    TV comes in for its share of bashing, since channel surfing can be a soul-crushing experience. But there is also intelligent, sophisticated fare worthy … Read the whole story

  • Fathers And Sons Watching TV

    When Discovery announced the cancellation of "MythBusters" after 14 seasons, I sent a wistful email to my 24-year-old son, alerting him that one of … Read the whole story

  • TV Programmatic & The Snow Cone

    A New Yorker cartoon: A man and his young son walk up to an ice cream truck on the street corner. The vendor is … Read the whole story

  • Will DisneyLife Be Frozen Out?

    DisneyLife seems to offer little that isn't already available for a higher monthly subscription than Netflix or Amazon Prime. It doesn't even offer Frozen! Read the whole story