Video Marketing Study

NEW: Video Marketing Study:

The TV, Online, Mobile Video Future


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Video in media, whether online video, TV or Mobile video, are providing many choices for those in agencies and brands today, choices ranging from return on investment to future sources of budgets. This study, conducted in conjunction with InsightExpress, covers a wide area of Video, including:


§  Best sources of return on investments from video advertising

§  How TV, online and mobile video budgets are being allocated

§  Comparisons of those involved with video the expectations of those not yet involved

§  Sources of TV, online and mobile video budgets

§  Which budgets are feeding media budgets

§  Projections of future spending on TV, online, mobile video


The Center for Media Research at MediaPost Communications conducted the study to help media planners, buyers and brands determine the best video advertising patterns for now and the future. The study is based on primary research conducted across MediaPost subscribers with input from 361 participants, including 269 with media planning, buying, approving responsibility.


The report covers video topics, including:


§  Primary sources of video budgets

§  Where internal and outside help is needed for video campaigns by platform

§  Sources of creative for online video

§  Length of time to create video campaigns for TV, online, Mobile

§  Size of budget changes over next 12 months for video categories

§  Sources of best ROI from each video category

§  How success of video campaigns is being judged, by platform



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