Small-Medium Business Advertiser Study

The “Small and Medium Business Advertiser Survey” from Borrell Associates is available for purchase. The survey report contains more than 10,000 responses from SMBs on their local advertising practices. Of the 35+ questions in the report, highlights include:


  • From Q4 of 2010 to Q3 of 2011 interest in advertising on mobile devices has increased from 12% to 29%.
  • SMBs increased their participation in the use of email marketing by more than 18% last year.
  • Between the July 2010, and July 2011, the proportion of SMBs who indicated they had a social network page or site jumped from 45% to 67%.
  • At least 62% indicated that they would buy some type of online/digital advertising in the coming year.

 This survey report contains full charts and graphs on all the survey responses along with an executive summary.

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