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  • January 17
    • Washington, DC, District Of Columbia
      Jan. 17, 2017

      Marketing: Politics

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      Campaign 2016 surely upended all common understanding of who we are as a nation. But at the same time did it also cast serious doubt on the methods of modern analytics and marketing? Polling was often scandalously off. Data-driven ground games and massive TV buys delivered questionable returns. And our database understanding of who and how many would vote proved murky at best. Was this a failure of data or its practitioners? In either case, should this election make all data driven marketers in and out of politics re-think the accuracy and value of the “laser-like targeting?”

      The fourth annual MediaPost Marketing Politics event will be marketer’s first draft of Campaign ’16 history. This was supposed to be the election cycle where digital channels and data-driven models that now dominate all consumer marketing showed their mettle in politics? Was this a failure of those technologies and approaches or just a reminder of their limitations? Are there larger lessons here, perhaps even early warning signs, for all consumer marketing tech? 

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  • January 18
  • January 29
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  • February 16
    • Atlanta, Georgia
      Feb. 16, 2017 - Feb. 16, 2017

      OMMA: Atlanta

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      At the OMMA Atlanta, MediaPost brings some of its strongest editorial coverage to life across two days of in-depth discussions on the core challenges of digital marketing. From programmatic and data driven ad platforms to automation that transforms agency culture, from navigating the scale and ethics issues of native advertising to new social strategies for mobile screens, we explore the a broad range of topics relevant to all in the media economy. In ad tech, data, social, video, and mobile arenas, media buyers and planners are being challenged to work in real time, with relentless iteration and the constant pressure to prove ROI.

      ‘Real-time’ is the buzzword du jour, but it barely touches the profound impact that digital ad technology, social media, and mobility are having on all aspects of what marketers do. This is more than just brands engaging in the daily zeitgeist. It is ad platforms that make judgments on who to serve which ad faster than a traditional media buyer can bat an eye. It is about consumers making decisions whether to buy -- or not to buy -- your product in a matter of minutes, but referencing multiple online and offline sources to get there. It is about brands as live entities on social channels conversing with customers 24/7. It is about a still-new personal screen users are accessing up to 20 or more times a day. It is about an environment so cluttered with ads of such low value, publishers are struggling to redefine “premium” inventory as ads that are fully woven into the immediate content experience.

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  • February 21
    • Weehawken, New Jersey
      Feb. 21, 2017 - Feb. 23, 2017

      Channel Optimization Pharma 2017

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      Channel Optimization in Pharma 2017 is the only conference to delve into closed loop marketing and sales force effectiveness. Prepare for the upcoming challenges of aligning your channel strategy with product positioning, analyzing data intelligence, and therefore effectively allocating your resources for a sustainable ecosystem. Read more

  • March 07
  • March 11
    • Austin, Texas
      March 11, 2017

      OMMA @ SXSW

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      Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, wearable devices, branded entertainment, social media influencers – oh, so many new possibilities for brands. So many bright shiny objects…and so much glare. Where do these gadgets and digital innovations really fit in the future of marketing? How can they help the brands and products of tomorrow tell their stories to consumers? 

      At Mediapost’s fourth annual sojourn to Austin, we follow the marketers to SXSW, but we come packing our Bright Shiny Object sunglasses. Dozens of brands will again assemble to explore how they plan to make VR and AR a real part of the marketing mix. How they expect to inMaya Abulashviliegrate the countless touchpoints in the Internet of Things into conversations with customers. How they embrace real time broadcasting as well as the new social media celebrities to chart a 21st Century post-mass media future. Speaking of which – how will the news media itself survive all of these changes.  

      This year’s OMMA@SXSW looks through the glare of the Bright Shiny Objects to get a clearer view of marketing’s future shape.

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  • March 19
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      March 19, 2017 - March 23, 2017

      Adobe Summit 2017

      Tags: Ad TechAdvertisingMarketingMobile

      The premier event for digital marketing professionals, Summit has the latest insights from the world’s leading digital marketing experts. Keynote speakers include Peyton Manning (Super Bowl MVP), Kate McKinnon (Comedian), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) and Brad Rencher (Adobe EVP).

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  • April 19
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      April 19, 2017 - April 20, 2017

      Conversion Conference Las Vegas

      Tags: Marketing

      Founded in 2010, Conversion Conference is the only worldwide event series focused exclusively on website conversion rate optimization. Learn the latest strategies for conversion rate optimization like mobile optimization, a/b testing, usability testing, website analytics, e-mail marketing, content marketing, predictive marketing, behavioral economics, remarketing and more.

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  • June 07
    • Chicago, Illinois
      June 7, 2017

      CRMC 2017

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      CRMC 2017 will welcome over 700 executives representing 200 retail chains, along with their service provider counterparts. The networking opportunities at this event are simply unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

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