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    • Los Angeles, California
      July 19, 2016

      OMMA Los Angeles

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Advertising Marketing

      Sure, the entire media and marketing economy is in “crisis.” Media business models are imploding. Ad-tech is stalling. Media buying complexity is stifling. Privacy is compromised. Advertising effectiveness, the agency model itself, struggle to prove themselves.

      But what comes out the other end of these crises? What shape and character should and could the media landscape of 2021 take? 

      For a day, Mediapost engages the marketing, agency, content and tech worlds to peer beyond au courant hand wringing and imagine advertising five years out. How will the tech, the industries, the business and consumer relationships evolve?

      More to the point, what are the real opportunities in a marketing economy that surely will – must – change radically in the next few years?

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  • August 02
    • New York, New York
      Aug. 2, 2016 - Aug. 4, 2016

      Masters of Media Selling

      Seminar/Workshop ★ Featured
      Tags: Advertising Media Buying/Selling

      Masters of Media Selling is dedicated to winning the competition for advertising revenue through strategy, tactics and training. Sales skills are important, but your ‘go-to-market’ strategy and the ‘value proposition’ you offer to prospective advertisers is equally important.
      Masters of Media Selling has become recognized as the premiere advertising sales training curricula, because it asks and answers the question:  How can I win MORE sales.  Not how can I win some sales.  We show how to win more sales when your media is a toss-up vs. it’s competition.  
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    • New York, New York
      Aug. 2, 2016

      Essentials of Digital Media

      Tags: Advertising Marketing Media Buying/Selling Media Planning

      This course is an absolute requirement if your work involves understanding the assets, terminology, and best practices for how digital media is bought and sold, how it is measured, and how to value media to achieve campaign and client objectives; as well as an essential course for anyone wishing to study for and pass the IAB Digital Sales Certification Exam.
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  • August 21
    • Olympic Valley, California
      Aug. 21, 2016 - Aug. 24, 2016

      Programmatic Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Marketing Media Buying/Selling

      The machines are migrating. No screen will be left behind. Mobile and video channels are now the key growth drivers for programmatic media buying, as data driven targeting and automation move outside of simple display and social media. The great   promise to advertisers is the ability to tell richer stories to just the right audiences on the media they most enjoy – video, tablets, phones and even TVs. But these channels each pose discrete challenges to buying, execution, accountability and targeting.  Old questions need new answers as programmatic takes different shape on every screen. Read more

  • August 24
    • Olympic Valley, California
      Aug. 24, 2016 - Aug. 27, 2016

      Brand Marketers Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Branded Content Marketing

      “Follow the consumer – chase the fragmenting media!” The rallying cry of recent years has led many marketers on a zig-zag goose chase to capture shards of media “moments” and seconds of attention in a chaotic new multi-channel media environment. But what's the use of all the marketing tech, the countless channels, and the mounds of data if they aren’t serving first and foremost the brand’s goals and their core customer experiences? How can marketers stop fetishizing technology and channels and start making these tools build deeper, more sustained and meaningful connections with consumers themselves?

      At the Summer MediaPost Brand Summit in Lake Tahoe we bring the bright shiny objects to heel. Marketing technology, DMPs and clouds are the tech du jour, but how do marketers program these alluring machines to serve specific customer experiences? The multi-lane highway of mobile, social and video media are all racing at breakneck speed, but how can brands knit these channels together into more holistic engagements with their customers? Data is supposed to be the “new oil” that fuels this digital economy. But how do marketers avoid mistaking the data the marketplace makes available for the data they really need to define their brand’s own customers?

      Agenda Sessions Will Include:

      Aligning technology to consumer journeys
      What is this DMP good for anyway?
      Is this really the data you are looking for?
      Integrating mobile/social/video cross-channel creative for messaging that engages
      Leveraging email/messaging for personal connections
      Apples, oranges, donkeys: can cross-channel metrics and attribution really add up?

      Awash in vendor pitches, distracted by new hot things, marketers need to step back and reassert first principles in order to make sense of the new morass. Who is their customer? What are their business goals? At the Tahoe Brand Summit we try to re-boot the digital tech machine so that it is re=programmed to serve engagement with your customer not with the machine itself. Read more

  • August 29
    • San Francisco, California
      Aug. 29, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2016

      ClickZ Live San Francisco

      Tags: Ad Tech Advertising Branded Content Marketing Mobile

      Best practices are not going to put you at the front of the pack, you need the imagination, the drive, the tools and the skills to innovate, evolve and succeed… and that’s where we come in. We have a brand new format this year designed to completely dissect, re-invent and lead the discussion and strategy around carefully selected topics that are going to take your skills to the next level and drive your business forward to serve and reach your customers more effectively.

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    • San Francisco, California
      Aug. 29, 2016

      Shift San Francisco

      Tags: Marketing Media Buying/Selling

      Digital is now embedded into every part of our lives and is accelerating, transforming, disrupting and reshaping the world that we live in. Just as the steam engine and electricity revolutionized entire sectors of the economy from the 18th century onward, so the internet, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and marketing technologies are changing the landscape in which we live today. With no industry immune it is time to disrupt or be disrupted – the choice is yours.

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    • San Francisco, California
      Aug. 29, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2016

      Shift - San Francisco


      Digital is now embedded into every part of our lives and is accelerating, transforming, disrupting and reshaping the world that we live in. Just as the steam engine and electricity revolutionized entire sectors of the economy from the 18th century onward, so the internet, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and marketing technologies are changing the landscape in which we live today. With no industry immune it is time to disrupt or be disrupted – the choice is yours.

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  • August 31
    • New York, New York
      Aug. 31, 2016 - Aug. 31, 2016

      IoT Marketing Forum

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Advertising Marketing

      While the Internet of Things may seem like the latest buzz of the day, there’s much more to it than that. Consumers can now talk to their Amazon Echo at home and have something delivered the next day.

      Wearables on the wrists of many millions of consumers are producing a treasure trove of marketing data to those figuring how to tap into it and use it. And the world of sensors like beacons providing even more direct, location-based opportunities to add new value to the on-the-go shopper.

      With technology embedded into appliances and printers, providing a direct connection between brand and consumers, what does the new world of messaging look like and how will brands and agencies adapt? When a consumer can simply push a button to place an order, how does a marketer influence the decision to push their button? 

      This pioneering IoT Marketing Summit will delve into all the marketing and advertising issues and implication, with strategies and tactics for the insanely connected world that’s coming.

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    • Copenhagen, International
      Sept. 26, 2016 - Sept. 28, 2016

      Sustainable Brands '16 Copenhagen

      Tags: Marketing

      Join nearly 500 global business leaders by attending breakout sessions, workshops, plenaries, evening events, and co-create sessions at SB’16 Copenhagen to share ideas and discover how to mobilize your brand to succeed in the new economy.

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  • October 04
  • October 25
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      Oct. 25, 2016 - Oct. 27, 2016

      J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable

      Tags: Marketing

      As J.D. Power’s largest event, the AMR is expected to host more than 1,400 automotive professionals over the course of 3 days. The Roundtable is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders representing OEMs, retailers, agencies, publishers, dealers, third-party websites, and affiliates to deliver an extraordinary array of valuable insights and perspectives on critical marketing issues facing the automotive industry. This event also provides a venue to network with experts and thought leaders across the automotive marketing industry. Read more

    • Toronto, International
      Oct. 25, 2016 - Oct. 26, 2016

      2nd Annual People Analytics Summit Canada

      Tags: Ad Tech Marketing Media Planning

      The People Analytics Summit brings together global leaders in the rapidly advancing field. Join us in 2016 as we continue to advance people analytics in Canada. Hear from 18+ People Analytics leaders like Google, Tesla, Maple Leaf, Visa and many more.  Learn from 10+ case studies and 5 interactive sessions. 

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  • October 27
    • New York, New York
      Oct. 27, 2016 - Oct. 28, 2016

      The Incite Marketing Summit East 2016

      Tags: Marketing

      The Incite Marketing Summit brings together Chief Marketing Officers and other senior marketers from 60+ companies like Adidas, Mondelez, Penguin, HSBC, Clorox, General Electric, Toyota, Hershey, Charles Schwab, Ralph Lauren, StriVectin, Kohler and many more.

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  • November 02
  • November 03
    • Austin, Texas
      Nov. 3, 2016

      Rock Stars of Big Data Austin 2016

      Tags: Ad Tech Advertising

      Business departments know the promise of big data – and they want it! But newly minted data scientists can’t yet meet expectations, and technologies remain immature. That’s why November 3rd is your real-world answer. Come meet the experts who are grappling with and solving the problems you face in mining the value of big data. You literally can’t afford to miss the all new Rock Stars of Big Data 2016. Read more

  • November 10
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  • November 14
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      Nov. 14, 2016

      EventTech 2016

      Tags: Marketing

      Join 1,000 marketers from across the Fortune 1000 and the most innovative marketing agencies to learn the hottest trends and test the latest gear. From software to hardware, across b-to-c and b-to-b, more than 100 classes cover it all: from activating GIFs, bloggers, mobile payment, Meerkat and geofencing to mastering viral videos, Snapchat, second screen, social listening, neromarketing, gamification...even particle photons. Read more

  • February 13
    • Las Vegas, Nevada
      Feb. 13, 2017 - Feb. 16, 2017

      MarketingSherpa Summit 2017

      Tags: Branded Content Marketing Mobile

      MarketingSherpa Summit 2017 is the go-to forum for proven, practical and actionable customer-first marketing education from successful digital marketers and industry experts. Summit will cover topics and specialties spanning many facets of marketing including email, mobile, digital, data, content and social media marketing.

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