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  • October 10
    • Austin, Texas
      Oct. 10, 2016 - Oct. 13, 2016

      Publishing Insider Summit @ Austin City Limits

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      Venue, Video, Viewing: The 3 Vs of Publishing in 2017.

      Circumstances are driving media change, and publishers are scrambling to stay ahead of the curve. Platforms dominate distribution and they seem to morph and fragment by the month. Video is the new text, but traditional publishers are struggling to scale production and distribution along with a reliable business model. And consumers have taken control. After ad blocking comes the challenge of rebuilding a better user experience and recalibrating the commercial/consumer balance that seems to have teetered.

      Venue, Video, Viewing – platform distribution, streaming media, user experience. At the annual Fall Publishing Insider Summit we dedicate a day of presentations, cases, discussions and roundtables to each of these key challenges for every publishers.

      Hot on the heels of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Mediapost brings publishers together to build their to-do lists for the coming year.  

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  • October 16
    • New Paltz, New York
      Oct. 16, 2016 - Oct. 19, 2016

      TV Insider Summit

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      Building A Better TV 2.0

      Digital data, automation, addressability, granular segmentation – all are poised to change TV planning and buying as we know it. But when…and how…and how much?

      At the second Mediapost TV Insider Summit we move the discussion of advanced TV forward to explore how the digital disruption of this largest of media channels will be both like and unlike the disruptions that preceded it. Marketers and senior agency executives will share learnings and results from early campaigns to illustrate what is possible now across linear, programmatic, addressable and OTT platforms. And industry leaders will lean forward to discuss how these new data-infused and increasingly automated systems can evolve differently, perhaps better, than they have online and one mobile.

      The road to TV 2.0 is going to be long and winding, but it will be paved by all the stakeholders working to build a more effective, efficient, accountable TV economy. At the second TV Insider Summit we try to draw a map.
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  • November 15
  • November 17
    • Denver, Colorado
      Nov. 17, 2016 - Nov. 17, 2016

      OMMA: Denver

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      Sure, the entire media and marketing economy is in “crisis.” Media business models are imploding. Ad-tech is stalling. Media buying complexity is stifling. Privacy is compromised. Advertising effectiveness, the agency model itself, struggle to prove themselves.

      But what comes out the other end of these crises? What shape and character should and could the media landscape of 2021 take? 

      For a day, Mediapost engages the marketing, agency, content and tech worlds to peer beyond au courant hand wringing and imagine advertising five years out. How will the tech, the industries, the business and consumer relationships evolve?

      More to the point, what are the real opportunities in a marketing economy that surely will – must – change radically in the next few years?

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