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  • July 21
    • Los Angeles, California
      July 21, 2015

      OMMA LA

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      Data, audience targeting, programmatic platforms and predictive analytics are all transforming both advertising and the agencies producing it. Have we become so enamored of the medium that we have forgotten the message? At OMMA LA, we will discover how digital technology can provide brands with unique opportunities to tell compelling stories.

      At OMMA LA, we will ask and answer questions on the big ideas and doing the math on ad tech, over two days of deep dive into the art and science of advertising:

      • Where are the creative centers of a fragmenting media landscape?
      • Do brands have online identities?
      • Do social campaigns tell stories?
      • Can a pre-roll touch your heart?
      • Is it serving brands or still just a supersonic DM vehicle?
      • Are media buyers retreating from the fraudulent, big open machine?
      • What does and doesn’t add up in the data driven ad equation?
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  • August 16
    • Lake Tahoe, California
      Aug. 16, 2015

      Programmatic Insider Summit

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      RTB and programmatic ad platforms are barely five years old and they have already eaten up considerable performance media spend and much of the conversation around digital advertising. At the second RTB Insider Summit we lean forward to explore how these approaches are moving into higher quality inventory and new media altogether.

      We will explore how advanced targeting and media bidding and buying technologies are moving beyond performance and into branding campaigns, premium inventory, video, mobile and TV. The big questions for the industry involve whether these technologies are ready for such ambitious expansion and how media buyers and planners integrate the channels to find true efficiency and transparency? 

      How do the familiar challenges of programmatic – transparency, quality, branding vs. performance, accountability – play out on new channels? 

      But also how do the pieces come together using man and machine? How can programmatic models improve integrated planning, attribution, speed to market and optimization? 

      But perhaps the biggest challenge for data-driven and automated ad platforms is whether their proliferation will change how advertising is created. Will the messages have to change? Will the art be made better by the science?

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  • August 19
    • Lake Tahoe, California
      Aug. 19, 2015

      Cross-Channel Marketing Insider Summit

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      The channel choices are dizzying, multiplying... and fragmenting fast. In-store, out-of-home, experiential, sponsorship, TV, VOD, digital video, branded content, social, mobile… and more coming. The purported solutions are just as confusing: Clouds, DMPs, data and attribution models. Marketers must step back from the clutter and bring these pieces together into plans that are more than the sum of their parts. At the inaugural Cross-Channel Marketing Insider Summit we come together to explore the most pressing challenge facing marketers today - choosing, coordinating, executing and measuring the myriad of new and old paths to the consumer.

      We will explore:

      - Which channels and opportunities do (and don’t) map against marketing goals?

      - Bridging the online/offline omni-channel data gap

      - What problem (if any) do DMPs and Cloud marketing platforms solve?

      - Synchronizing the channels for combined effect

      - How can attribution modeling accommodate an omni-channel program?

      - Silo-busting and reorganizing for Cross-channel

      - Rethinking messaging and content for the shattered attention span

      - The metrics that matter to well-integrated campaigns

      At MediaPost’s Cross-Channel Marketing Insider Summit it is all about integration, coherence across channels, and establishing accountability for both the pieces and the whole. The audience’s attention may be fragmented, but the brand’s strategy can’t be.

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  • September 16
  • September 17
  • September 29
    • NEW YORK, New York
      Sept. 29, 2015 - Sept. 30, 2015

      4A's Talent@2030 2015

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      The 4A's is proud to host Talent@2030, a comprehensive Talent Leadership Conference designed for advertising, media, and communications executives. In its second year, the conference will offer senior executives responsible for all aspects of Talent and HR an opportunity to engage with industry leaders and experts in a bold and candid dialogue about the state of talent. 

      Speakers include: MAXINE WILLIAMS, Global Director of Diversity, Facebook; WENDY CLARK, President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing,
      Coca-Cola North America; DANA ANDERSON, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mondel─ôz International and many more!
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  • October 04
    • NEW YORK, New York
      Oct. 4, 2015 - Oct. 6, 2015

      4A's Strategy Festival 2015

      Awards/Nomination ★ Featured

      The future of planning is happening now — time to get your hands dirty.

      Join us at the 4A’s Strategy Festival 2015 for inspiration and hands-on training in essential skills for today’s planner. And celebrate the winners of the 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards 2015. Look for the new "media" category recognizing innovative use of media or new technology to deliver brand experiences. Opening keynote by Adam Ferrier, Consumer Psychologist and Global Chief Strategy Officer/Partner, Cummins&Partners. 

      Planning 3.0—Are you ready? Special early registration rates until June 30.
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  • October 11
    • Asheville, North Carolina
      Oct. 11, 2015

      Publishing Insider Summit

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      Tags: Marketing

      Automated ad buying systems, and the data-driven methods behind those systems, have helped reorient the advertising world as we have known it. Now it is Big Media’s turn. From programmatic ad inventory to advanced audience segmentation to SSPs, DMPs and private exchanges ... the publishing world is being transformed by real-time processes and Big Data just as surely as is advertising itself. At the first Mediapost Publishing Insider Summit we help media companies embrace, manage and monetize the data-driven revolution that is changing every enterprise. Read more

  • October 14
    • Asheville, North Carolina
      Oct. 14, 2015

      Video Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Marketing

      This October's Video Insider Summit will give attendees the insights they need to succeed right now in their video buying and planning efforts. Hear case studies from leading brands who have been able to turn a a video series into results, how to create a killer distribution strategy, plus the latest tips and tricks for creating compelling and impactful content.

      Further, people who come to the Video Insider Summit will also get something that too often is missing from the long roster of industry conferences – the chance to really network.

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  • October 27
    • Chicago, Illinois
      Oct. 27, 2015 - Oct. 28, 2015

      OMMA Chicago

      Conference/Events ★ Featured

      At the OMMA Chicago on October 27 & 28, MediaPost brings some of its strongest editorial coverage to life across two days of in-depth discussions on the core challenges of digital marketing. From programmatic and data driven ad platforms to automation that transforms agency culture, from navigating the scale and ethics issues of native advertising to new social strategies for mobile screens, we explore the broad range of topics relevant to all in the media economy. In ad tech, data, social, video, and mobile arenas, media buyers and planners are being challenged to work in real time, with relentless iteration and the constant pressure to prove ROI.

      ‘Real-time’ is the buzzword du jour, but it barely touches the profound impact that digital ad technology, social media, and mobility are having on all aspects of what marketers do. This is more than just brands engaging in the daily zeitgeist. It is ad platforms that make judgments on who to serve which ad faster than a traditional media buyer can bat an eye. It is about consumers making decisions whether to buy -- or not to buy -- your product in a matter of minutes, but referencing multiple online and offline sources to get there. It is about brands as live entities on social channels conversing with customers 24/7. It is about a still-new personal screen users are accessing up to 20 or more times a day. It is about an environment so cluttered with ads of such low value, publishers are struggling to redefine “premium” inventory as ads that are fully woven into the immediate content experience.

      At OMMA Chicago, the industry’s leading practitioners share the latest industry learnings in 'real-time.' Read more

  • November 10
    • New York, New York
      Nov. 10, 2015

      Marketing: Sports - Soccer in America

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Marketing

      The 2014 World Cup in Brazil -- and its record U.S. TV audiences -- reminded everyone that the passion for soccer in America surpasses all other sports except NFL and college football. But the massive and relatively untapped marketing opportunity in soccer goes far beyond the four-year cycle of World Cup moments. And now marketers are waking up to the potential for aligning with one of America’s fastest-growing passions. Soccer not only has scale, but it leads the digital revolution towards making the “second screen” the first screen of choice for fans following the sport.

      MediaPost's second Marketing Soccer event, in partnership with Soccer America, will bring to the field a decade of experience in clarifying challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals and 40-plus years of covering all aspects of soccer in America and around the World.

      We will explore the lessons learned from marketing into and around the World Cup and how brands can position themselves around the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada and the 2016 Copa America here in the U.S.

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  • November 11
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