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Gavin O'Malley edits MediaPost's Social Media & Marketing Daily. Follow him: @mp_gavin. You can reach Gavin at

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  • Yahoo Projects Tumblr Ad Revenue To Hit $100M In 2015 in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/22/2014

    Yahoo expects Tumblr to take in more than $100 million in ad revenue -- and achieve positive EBITDA-- next year. The disclosure, from CEO Marissa Mayer during Yahoo's quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, offered a rare glimpse at Tumblr's financial health. Tumblr's monthly mobile active users grew 71% year-over-year in Q1, with more than 60% of daily active users accessing the platform on mobile devices, according to Mayer.

  • Social Media Driving Up Defamation Cases in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/22/2014

  • Google Adds Music-Discovery Features To Subscription Service in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/22/2014

  • Vine Adds Content "Channels"  in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/22/2014

  • Product Hunt Turns Into A Social Network in Around the Net In Social Media & Marketing on 10/22/2014

  • Site Visitors Respond Well To Soft Sells  in Show Daily on 10/21/2014

    For better consumer engagement, direct marketers would be wise to, um, slow their roll. As part of a broader site redesign, for example, Cancer Treatment Centers of America stopped insisting that every visitor contact them immediately. Instead, the private, for-profit treatment provider encouraged visitors to stay in touch, and contact them when they're ready, according to Dana Demas, Manager of Engagement Content at the CTCA. The point is engaging consumers "on their own terms," Demas told attendees of OMMA Chicago, on Tuesday. According to Demas, the approach has achieved low bounce rates, along with higher site traffic and engagement levels. We're "keeping people engaged for longer" she said.

  • Leo Burnett Dishes On "First-Of-Its-Kind" HuffPo Partnership in Show Daily on 10/21/2014

    When Leo Burnett announced a deal with Huffington Post, earlier this month, the pair positioned the partnership as the first "agency and publisher alliance poised to reinvent how people engage with brands." On Tuesday, Mark Renshaw, Chief Innovation Officer at the Publicis unit, elaborated on said reinvention. For agencies and publishers, it's a "new way of working," Renshaw told attendees of OMMA Chicago. "We bring our data about brands," while HuffPo brings its data about what its readers are reading and watching, he said. Focused on improving processes, Renshaw said the partners have already reduced the time it takes to plan and execute a campaign down from eight to four weeks. It's an "acceleration thing for both of us," he said. The deal -- or what Renshaw prefers to call a "collaboration" -- is also serving to position brands in a more impactful fashion. For example, rather than a weight loss solution, Special K can be presented to HuffPo readers as key to their "weight management" strategies, Renshaw said. The approach is helping brands "play out of their categories," Renshaw said, and be "iconic."

  • Tinder Profits Tied To Premium Dating Service, Not Ads in Social Media & Marketing Daily on 10/21/2014

    Tinder just revealed how it hopes to turn its popularity into profits -- and it has nothing to with advertising. Rather, the hookup app plans to launch a premium dating service, next month. Its free app now boasts about 1.2 billion profile swipes, per day, along with about 15 millions "matches" -- which occur when two users enter into a text conversation after approving each others' profiles.

  • Help Art Help Programmatic Help Art Help Programmatic...  in Show Daily on 10/21/2014

    Adding art to programmatic advertising leads to some natural paradoxes, concedes Jim Kiszka, Senior Manager of Digital Media at Kellogg Co. For instance, the goal might be to infuse better creative into the digital media landscape, "but that requires better technology," Kiszka told attendees of OMMA Chicago, on Tuesday. Rather than a burden, the "wealth of knowledge [produced by ad technology] is a creative springboard -- not an ankle weight," Kiszka said. Rather than a buzz kill, programmatic is providing the chance for creative to shine by better reaching bigger audiences, Kiszka added. "Compromises are a must, but in the end everyone will be better off for having gone through the experience."

  • Tinder Testing Premium Service in Around the Net In Media on 10/21/2014

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  • Yogi Berra Knows Some Of What's Wrong With Twitter by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 05/09/2014)

    I’m an information junkie, and, though I’ve tried, I can’t stand Twitter. It’s like a stock ticker. It contains an endless stream potentially significant info (sprinkled in with all the sales pitches, inspirational quotes, mundane griping, inside jokes, and side conversations). When analyzed properly, this “content” can be quite enlightening (especially for brands, etc.), and, when harnessed, has been shown to move mountains and part seas! … But, watching the feed itself will eventually drive anyone nuts! Plus, I think most people know that if some bit of info is really worth their time, it will make its way to slower moving media channels like their Facebook news feed, TV, etc. ... If Twitter's going to succeed, it has to come up with an effective relevancy algorithm. As resistance to similar efforts by FB have shown, users (and brands in particular) won't be happy to see their organic reach rates decline, but a broader audience (including myself) depends on it.

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