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Gavin O'Malley edits MediaPost's Mobile Marketing Daily and MoBlog column. Follow him: @mp_gavin. You can reach Gavin at

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  • Media Analysts Need To Find Brands' Blind Spots in Show Daily on 08/26/2016

    Rather than focusing on familiar terrain, the role of media analysts will increasingly be to identify brands' blind spots, according to Lisa Penelton, SVP Marketing Science at Critical Mass. "The real creativity is indentifying the white space," Penelton told attendees of MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit, on Friday. For analysts, carrying their weight will increasing require "finding something new in the market."

  • How To Duplicate The Success Of Nissan's 'Diehard Fan' App in MoBlog on 08/26/2016

    If you want a successful app, be prepared to "commit to flawless execution," Robert Brown, senior manager of interactive marketing at Nissan North America, told his envious audience at MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit.

  • The Secret Behind Nissan's Hit 'Diehard Fan' App in Show Daily on 08/26/2016

    How can you replicate the enormous success of Nissan's College Diehard Fan App? First and foremost, "Don't do an app!" says Robert Brown, Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing at Nissan North America.

  • Alphabet Shrinking Google Fiber in Around the Net in Mobile on 08/26/2016

    Frustrated with mounting costs, Alphabet is reportedly shrinking its Google Fiber unit. "Creating broadband networks via traditional pipes is enormously expensive," Recode notes. "And Fiber still hasn't proven that it has figured out a better way to do it." News of the belt-tightening at Google Fiber was first reported by The Information.

  • New IPhones Will Make Subway Payments in Around the Net in Mobile on 08/26/2016

    Beginning in Japan, Apple is reportedly readying a new iPhone feature with which users can pay for their mass-transit rides. "A future iPhone will include technology called FeliCa, a mobile tap-to-pay standard in Japan developed by Sony Corp.," Bloomberg reports, citing sources. "The FeliCa chip will let customers in Japan store their public bus and train passes on their iPhones."

  • New iPhone App Has Video, Art Tools in Mobile Marketing Daily on 08/25/2016

    Apple is reportedly testing an app that sounds a lot like Snapchat. The app in question lets iPhone users record video, add filters or drawings, and share it with one or more contacts.

  • Why 'Multichannel' Creates 'Hunger Games' Mentality in Show Daily on 08/25/2016

    Home Depot's marketing department had a 'Hunger Games' problem, according to Erin Everhart, Senior Manager of Media Strategy at the home improvement giant. Whenever any money would be made available to achieve a goal, different teams -- search, social, etc. -- would all but kill each for their share.

  • Facebook Begins Cracking WhatsApp's Privacy Walls in MoBlog on 08/25/2016

    When Facebook gobbled up WhatsApp in 2014, everyone assumed that the social giant would wreck the app by betraying its strict privacy standards. It was thought only a matter of time before Facebook began mining WhatsApp user data for all its worth -- and flooding the app with ads.

  • Friendly's Crashing Rival Restaurants With Targeted Mobile Ads in Show Daily on 08/25/2016

    Starting today, Friendly's is going to start targeting mobile ads to people while they're having breakfast at Denny's and IHOP. For the family dining chain, it's a highly experimental campaign, admits CMO Randy Davis. "We'll see how this goes," David told attendees of MediaPost's Brand Marketing Summit, on Thursday.

  • Amazon Launches Kindle Reading Fund in Around the Net in Mobile on 08/25/2016

    Amazon just announced the Kindle Reading Fund, which is part of a new mission to make digital books more easily available worldwide. "The Fund will donate a number of Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets as well as e-books to communities around the world," TechCrunch reports. "In addition to schools, libraries, PTAs, hospitals and other nonprofits, Amazon is also now working with Worldreader to help support its reading programs in the developing world."

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  • Yogi Berra Knows Some Of What's Wrong With Twitter by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 05/09/2014)

    I’m an information junkie, and, though I’ve tried, I can’t stand Twitter. It’s like a stock ticker. It contains an endless stream potentially significant info (sprinkled in with all the sales pitches, inspirational quotes, mundane griping, inside jokes, and side conversations). When analyzed properly, this “content” can be quite enlightening (especially for brands, etc.), and, when harnessed, has been shown to move mountains and part seas! … But, watching the feed itself will eventually drive anyone nuts! Plus, I think most people know that if some bit of info is really worth their time, it will make its way to slower moving media channels like their Facebook news feed, TV, etc. ... If Twitter's going to succeed, it has to come up with an effective relevancy algorithm. As resistance to similar efforts by FB have shown, users (and brands in particular) won't be happy to see their organic reach rates decline, but a broader audience (including myself) depends on it.

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