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George Simpson

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Call it exactly as you see it. If history proves you are wrong, then tough luck on you - (John Simon, 1976)

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  • PR: Its Own Worst Enemy in Online Media Daily on 11/20/2014

    It has been a bad week for PR. Not that PR has many good weeks to begin with, but to review: Speaking at a dinner in Manhattan, Emil Michael, a senior exec with Uber, suggested that to fight bad press, the company should hire a team to dig into personal information on journalists and Uber critics. That team would, he said, look into "your personal lives, your families," and give the media a taste of its own medicine. Later, Uber was also exposed for tracking journalists who used the service.

  • Spoiler Alert: Watching More TV Than Ever in Online Media Daily on 11/13/2014

    Commenting on a new study from Cablevision and Time Warner Cable that finds 74% of TV-tuning occurs outside of prime time for New York City-area cable customers, Media Dynamics Inc's Ed Papazian says this is also true on a national basis -- and that on average, adults only watch about 29 different channels per month.

  • I Don't Need A Brand As A New Best Friend in Online Media Daily on 11/06/2014

    Feeling like an alcoholic who slipped after 20 years of sobriety, I found myself reading this nonsense in a byliner: "Content, especially delivered in a native environment, works because consumers don't want to feel they are being marketed to...."

  • Say Bye-Bye to Good Ol' Boy Alpha Dogs in Online Media Daily on 10/30/2014

    Apparently people of the female persuasion are performing far better than men on almost all effective leadership key attributes. So says the annual Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor, which polled 6,509 people in 13 countries for their views on effective leadership, effective communication, and the link between the two.

  • If You're A Brand, Don't 'Engage' Me -- Back Up Your Product  in Online Media Daily on 10/23/2014

    In a largely self-congratulatory rant, a Unilever VP for PR, wrote: "Brands in this environment must be agents to re-establish a connection with the public based on a renewed mutually engaged relationship of trust. To do this, brands must be relevant, unique, authentic, transparent and engaging. More than all of this, brands must be purposeful." While you might have found the same ethereal notions on pages that fell out of the backpack of someone taking high school Marketing 101, I am here to offer something a little more concrete that brands should do if they want to "re-establish a connection with the public."

  • Rooting All Our Metaphors In The Language Of Nature  in Online Media Daily on 10/17/2014

    In a column earlier this week, the ever-thoughtful and interesting Doug Weaver asked: "What if we abandoned architectural and industrial language - exchanges, marketplaces, servers, platforms - and rooted all our metaphors in the language of nature - gardens, forests, ecosystems?"

  • Will You Invite Facebook To Your Nooner? in Online Media Daily on 10/09/2014

    Facebook this week announced a new advertising tool for "location-aware ads" that allows marketers to pull location information from your smartphone in order to serve you targeted ads.

  • Not Another Advertising Week Story (Mostly)  in Online Media Daily on 10/03/2014

    In an experiment, WiFi hotspots were set up in prominent business districts in London to see how hungry folks were to access the Internet. Researchers added a terms and conditions page, with one of these being that users would give up a child in order to access the Internet.

  • Revenge Of The Ad Blockers in Online Media Daily on 09/26/2014

    I saw an interesting lament from a marketer that has been trying to reach prospects by phone, but is frustrated because "nobody answers their phones" anymore.

  • Breed A Bully, And Guess What? That's What You Get in Online Media Daily on 09/18/2014

    I find it fascinating that fans of the NFL who scream for blood and loudly cheer career-ending hits on Sunday are surprised when players carry that instinct -- and training -- to inflict pain into their off-field lives.

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