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Jose Villa

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I am the founder and President of Sensis, a cross-cultural advertising agency with digital at its core. The Sensis integrated model combines an explicitly cross-cultural approach to the general market, where ethnic insights lead our work, with core digital capabilities. Focused on performance and measurement, I built Sensis from the ground up to address the fundamental changes taking place in the advertising world – the fundamental role of digital media, the mainstreaming of multicultural markets, and the transformative impact of social technology

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  • 8 Seismic Changes To The Hispanic Market  in Engage:Hispanics on 01/02/2015

    This time of year everyone comes out with lists of the biggest trends of the past year or bold predictions for the upcoming one. However, you can often forego bold predictions by paying close attention and adapting to big changes taking place right before our eyes. Using this lens, here are eight seismic changes to the Hispanic market that occurred in 2014, with huge implications for how to engage Hispanics in 2015 and beyond.

  • Why Atlanta Is The Hottest Hispanic Market in Engage:Hispanics on 12/04/2014

    Atlanta seldom comes to mind when most marketers think about the future of Hispanic marketing or the dynamic Hispanic millennial segment. It's usually far down the list in discussions of the growing Hispanic population. However, it shouldn't be.

  • Why Most Marketers Are Not Ready To Go Total Market Or 'Cross-cultural' in Engage:Hispanics on 11/06/2014

    Most marketers are behind when it comes to investing in the Hispanic market. Of the $171 billion spent on paid media in 2013 (according to eMarketer), Hispanic media spending totaled just $8.3 billion (according to Kantar and Advertising Age). Hispanic media spending represents less than 5% of total paid media spending, while Hispanics represent 17.1% of the U.S. population. While paid media doesn't capture the entirety of marketing activity targeted to Hispanics, it provides a good barometer.

  • Applying 'Total Market' to Digital in Engage:Hispanics on 10/02/2014

  • Hispanic Millennials And Healthcare in Engage:Hispanics on 09/04/2014

    As we enter the second open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act this fall, attention will inevitably turn to driving enrollment among the so-called "young and healthy" segment of 18- to 34-year-old consumers, many of whom are Hispanics. It has been well documented that the initial rollout of the ACA in the fall of 2013 saw early challenges in enrolling "young and healthy" Hispanics. Numerous studies and news reports identified three key challenges to Latino enrollment.

  • Two Models for Two Hispanic Markets in Engage:Hispanics on 08/07/2014

    Two of the hottest topics in Hispanic marketing in 2014 have been the "Total Market Approach" and Hispanic Millennials. The emergence of the Total Market Approach in the last couple of years has kicked off a heated debate in the marketing industry around which marketing model makes the most sense.

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup: The Newest Digital Cross-Cultural Brand in Engage:Hispanics on 07/03/2014

    In the last year, I have introduced a new approach to marketing, which I have coined cross-cultural marketing. Cross-cultural marketing can best be defined as one marketing program that leverages ethnic markets to reach across both ethnic and general markets (i.e. the total market). Start with ethnic segments to develop marketing programs that cross over into the general market. Ethnic consumers, like Hispanics, are front and center in a cross-cultural model.

  • Futurecasting Latino Millennials And The New Initiative  in Engage:Hispanics on 06/05/2014

    More organizations are paying attention to Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials are drawing a great deal of that attention for reasons discussed in our recently released project.

  • Brands Are Embracing Total Market, But Are Agencies? in Engage:Hispanics on 05/01/2014

    At the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies' (AHAA) annual "Think Under the Influence" conference, brands, agencies, media companies, and others involved in the U.S. Hispanic market spent three days hearing presentations and panel discussions continually referencing the Total Market Approach (TMA).

  • Thinking Outside The 'LA-New York-Miami' Box in Engage:Hispanics on 04/03/2014

    I've talked a lot about the growing importance of non-traditional, emerging Hispanic markets like Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington, D.C. A lot of focus has been on population growth. However, there is something bigger going on with these markets. I believe their emergence is a game-changer for Hispanic marketing.

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