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Jose Villa

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I am the founder and President of Sensis, an integrated cross-cultural advertising agency. Jose founded Sensis as a Web development firm in 1998, and one of the first agencies focused on the multicultural digital market. He has since grown Sensis into a full service advertising agency combining Hispanic, African-American, and Asian capabilities in one agency. Jose has more than 18 years of experience in advertising, digital communications and multicultural marketing across a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, higher education, CPG, beverage, pay TV, telecommunications, government and non-profits. He has pioneered a new “cross-cultural” approach to reaching the diverse American mainstream and been on the forefront of the debate regarding the “total market approach.”

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  • 7 Hispanic Market Stories To Watch In 2016 in Engage:Hispanics on 01/07/2016

    As we begin 2016, we anticipate what the New Year has in store for our industry. I have never been afraid of making predictions, but I think 2016 will be unpredictable. So I'll instead highlight important stories and trends to track.

  • Is Hispanic Marketing Dying Or Maturing? in Engage:Hispanics on 12/03/2015

    All industries go through cycles and evolve. Most follow a common trajectory that begins with rapid growth, then slows down, matures and ultimately faces creative destruction (which J. Schumpeter coined the "ultimate fact of capitalism.") I've been thinking about this in relation to the state of the Hispanic marketing industry, as the industry trade association AHAA recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

  • The Forgotten Hispanic Consumer in Engage:Hispanics on 11/05/2015

    Hispanic agencies and media companies have been obsessed with Hispanic millennials for the last three years. It seems that the entire Hispanic marketing industry has focused its attention and efforts towards understanding and reaching the bicultural, partially-to-fully acculturated, native-born U.S. Hispanic. This new "darling" of the Hispanic market is generally given the overly simplistic moniker of "millennial."

  • Replacing The Acculturation Model in Engage:Hispanics on 10/01/2015

    Hispanic marketing started out in the 1960s as an industry built around language - Spanish language media and advertising to reach recent immigrants to the United States. During the late 1980s, the concept of culture began to replace language as a key strategic foundation of most Hispanic and multicultural marketing.

  • 8 Seismic Changes To The Hispanic Market in Engage:Hispanics on 09/17/2015

    This time of year everyone comes out with lists of the biggest trends of the past year or bold predictions for the upcoming one. However, you can often forego bold predictions by paying close attention and adapting to big changes taking place right before our eyes. Using this lens, here are eight seismic changes to the Hispanic market that occurred in 2014, with huge implications for how to engage Hispanics in 2015 and beyond:.

  • Multiracial Gen Z And The Future Of Marketing in Engage:Hispanics on 09/03/2015

    Millennials are generally believed to be the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in American history. Hispanics (20%), African-Americans (14%) and Asians (6%) make up 40% of the total millennial population. This diversity underpins the notion of the bicultural millennial, a young consumer straddling two worlds, balancing their cultural lives with their mainstream integration into popular culture. Yet, lost in the buzz around bicultural millennials is the growing multiracial U.S. population truly living in two worlds at home and in society.

  • The Media, Entertainment And Technology World of Cross-cultural Millennials in Engage:Hispanics on 08/06/2015

    Millennials are the most heavily researched and analyzed group in America. Yet, most of this research has failed to understand the roles ethnicity and culture play on this highly diverse generational cohort (43% of millennials are either Hispanic, African-American, Asian or of mixed race).

  • Emerging Hispanic Markets Provide Marketers Another Chance in Engage:Hispanics on 07/09/2015

    The Hispanic market is big business, attracting over $8.3 billion in ad spend to reach a growing population of 55.4 million with over $168 billion in discretionary spending. AHAA's 2015 Hispanic Ad Spend Allocation Report shows more companies increasing investment toward the Hispanic market, with overall Hispanic ad spend among the top 500 advertisers increasing 63% from 2010 to 2014.

  • Moving Multicultural Out of The Silos in Engage:Hispanics on 06/04/2015

    Corporate America is increasingly undertaking enterprise-level initiatives to move multicultural market considerations from a segment-driven consideration into their core business operations. Market realities are driving this trend: the growth of multicultural populations, their spending power and the projections they will drive a majority of market growth in many industries. A glimpse at the demographic profile of the coveted Millennial population brings this market imperative into focus: Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians make up 41% of all Millennials in the U.S.

  • How Hispanic Millennials Use Food And Beverages To Connect With Their Culture in Engage:Hispanics on 05/07/2015

    For the last year and half, I've been involved in a nationwide research initiative focused on Hispanic Millennials. Our research has focused on understanding how Hispanic Millennials differ from "mainstream," Asian and African-American Millennials, as well as older Hispanics (35+). We dive deep into attitudes, behavior and motivations related to healthcare, financial services and food, beverage and alcohol consumption.

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