• Home Is Where Luxury Lives
    The home furnishings market was hit, and hit hard, by the recession. Not until 2014 did the home furnishings market claw its way back to pre-recession levels.
  • Implementing A Champion/Challenger Trial Now
    If you're in the marketing industry, you may feel that marketers today are better equipped than ever, with more tools at their disposal than ever imagined. But marketers are only as good as the tools they use. Those who assemble their stable of marketing partners by simply working their way down a capabilities checklist may feel that they've got all the tools required for successful cross-channel campaigns, but the truth is that modern marketing requires careful study and regular review of all the components.
  • What A Difference A Year Makes
    The year 2016 is now a month old, and many people have been asking us what happened in the luxury marketplace during 2015. Upscale marketers often promote their luxury and premium products and services to affluent consumers only and, as many readers know, we focus not only on the American luxury marketplace but also on mainstream America, as luxury is not only for the affluent.
  • 13 Challenging 2016 Trends Luxury Brands Must Manage, Part 2
    This is part two of a recent, qualitative survey of C-suite executives, when asked, "What are the trends that must be addressed by top management of luxury brands in 2016?" here, ranked in order of importance, is a summary of what they said.
  • Affluents And The Bourbon Boom
    If you haven't noticed, there's a boom in American whiskey right now. Led by bourbon, the category has grown 40% in the past decade, with revenue growth of 47% to $2.7 billion in 2014. The International Wine and Spirits Review forecasts 20% growth in the next five years. Supply can hardly keep up with demand, leading to shortages of the amber liquid in top markets across the country. And it's the favorite way for pop culture heavyweights to booze up, from Don Draper on "Mad Men" to Frank Underwood on "House of Cards" to Raylin Givins on "Justified." Like vodka ...
  • Time To Hit The Reset Button On Your Audience Segmentation
    January is a unique time in marketers' calendars, beginning with the recovery from a hectic fourth quarter and usually ending with the rollout of a yearlong plan. It's the perfect time to review their marketing performance over the past 12 months and put all of the new data they've gathered into action. For many marketers, that presents an opportunity to hit the reset button on what they know about their target audience.
  • It's Now 2016 - Looking Forward And Back
    2016 is here, and many people have been asking us two questions: What's our current forecast for the affluent market for 2016; and how did it fare during 2015? Our answers follow.
  • Time To Market Luxury In A Brand New Style
    The ground has shifted in the luxury market and it's never going back to the way it was before. China, the once reliable growth engine for luxury brands, is all but tapped out. As a result, personal luxury goods spending, the segment of the market including fashion, jewelry and watches, posted a mere 2% growth worldwide in 2014, according to Bain and Company, and it isn't predicted to do any better in 2015.
  • Millennials' Wealth Wave: When It Arrives, Will Your Brand Be Ready?
    At a recent NYC Luxury Marketing Council meeting, Linda Ong, CEO of TruthCo., an omnichannel branding firm, said: "In 2017, Millennials will eclipse Baby Boomers in luxury spending." Sounds impressive and reassuring. But whether or not this prediction is true, this sound bite says nothing about what it means for your particular brand. Nor how to make sure your brand gets its fair share of that future luxury spending.
  • 13 Challenging 2016 Trends Luxury Brands Must Manage
    Asked in our recent, qualitative survey, "What are the trends that must be addressed by top management of luxury brands in 2016?," C-suite executives responded as follows, ranked in order of importance.
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