Your Customer's Affluence Level Can Impact Purchase Consideration
Luxury goods. Luxury travel. Luxury apartments. An idea is brought to mind of something special, timeless, exclusive. Something that is not for everyone. But those that can, will.» 2 Comments
Programmatic Can Be More Premium Than Direct For Luxury Marketers
You don't need to consult the leading voices in the digital advertising industry to know that programmatic ad buying has altered the way forward-thinking brands find and engage new audiences at scale. Programmatic has proven to be a tremendous asset for brands to find their target audiences, wherever they happen to be on the web.» 1 Comments
Almost The Only Thing Millionaire Men And Women Have In Common Is ... Lots Of Money!
In last month's column, "Targeting In 2014: High Income or High Net Worth?," I highlighted some differences in the size of the "upscale" market depending on whether a marketer targets by household income (there are about 7 million adult consumers with very high incomes or cash flows - $250,000 or more in household income - as of 2013 according to the U.S Census Bureau) or by net worth (the estimated number of millionaires is approximately 20 million according to our survey).» 1 Comments
Engaging Audiences With Content Via Owned, Earned And Paid Media
Marketing is all about story telling, right? And luxury brands often have wonderful stories to tell, and beautiful content to convey those narratives. Historically, their stories have been told across the glossy pages of magazines and in enigmatic perfume ads shown during later prime-time television.» 1 Comments
Affluent Entering 2014 Focused On Momentum And Growth
For more than two millennia, people have used the New Year as a time to reflect back on lessons and accomplishments from the previous year, and to plan for the year ahead. In fact, the month January takes its name from Janus, the Roman god of doorways and beginnings, whose two heads allowed him to look backward and forward simultaneously. In the spirit of Janus, I'll use this month's column for looking back on Affluent life in 2013, and projecting ahead to the key trends likely to frame the discussion of Affluent lives in 2014.» 0 Comments
Young Wealthy Consumers Crave Experiences, Not Products
As if it wasn't already a challenge to capture the attention of Millennial consumers, many young affluent consumers have been handed almost everything their hearts desire before even officially becoming adults. When trying to appeal to a segment of the population that has been lavished with expensive material items since birth, the strategy for brand marketers can't simply be to push why their product is the greatest - experience is key.» 0 Comments
Digital Luxury | Omni-Channel Experiences
2014 is a year for exciting and delighting customers on their terms - every time, everywhere.» 1 Comments
Targeting In 2014: High Income Or High Net Worth?
As 2014 kicks off, many financial and economic pundits are optimistic about the U.S. economy as unemployment continues to decline slowly and the economy appears to be rebounding at a faster pace. And some forecasters are even bullish about 2014. What does this optimism mean for those who market to the affluent? Based on our most recent survey of high-income and wealthy consumers, we believe it depends upon how the target market is defined. Is the marketer's target defined by household income (current cash flow) or net worth (current wealth)?» 2 Comments
Radio Well-Positioned To Reach Newly Confident Mass Market
We tend to hear a lot about the early-adoption habits of affluent Americans in terms of digital media, but radio as an effective vehicle for reaching this audience has been largely overlooked. Studies show that the majority of those in the car still listen to AM-FM radio, where they can find traffic and weather, local news and events.» 1 Comments
What Does The Future Of Affluent America Look Like?
Fifteen years ago, if you were asked to describe what it meant to have reached affluence, it is safe to assume that it would mean owning a house, as well as a car and maybe even something else - a boat, or summerhouse. But as the oldest crop of Millennials is beginning to reach affluence, I can't help but ponder about how this definition has evolved today, and how it might morph in the future, as this younger generation of affluents' consumer behavior appears to be much different than generations past.» 0 Comments
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