• Gen X Is The Generation That Affluent Marketers Can't Afford To Ignore
    As part of our recent focus on wealth, our previous column, "Millennials Are the Future, But Boomers Are Today," addressed where household income and wealth currently reside among upscale consumers. For the first time, we also included mass-market consumers in order to provide affluent marketers with a benchmark of the rest of America, which is often a target market.
  • A Move To Quality
    Quality is a word in digital media that hasn't been spoken much in recent years. It's been overcome by words and phrases relating to efficiencies, programmatic, reach, audience extension, and the like. However, it's word that is of great importance to luxury buyers and brands and the pendulum is starting to swing back where quality is making a comeback to our lexicon.
  • Luxury Brands Need To Expand Perception Of Wealthy
    Recently, Advertising Age highlighted Cadillac's recent commercial featuring French model Magali Amadei. In the spot, eager fathers look on as Amadei's character picks up her kids at school in the Cadillac SRX while clearly sporting work attire, as if she has just come from the office. The commercial is noteworthy, because even here in the 21st Century, women are rarely portrayed as dominant figures in advertising. This is something that brands might want to consider changing. As our country's population continues to evolve, whether it is due to the maturing of Millennials, new family dynamics, or a shift in nationalities, ...
  • Luxury Brands Need To Expand Perception of Wealthy
    As our country's population continues to evolve, whether it is due to the maturing of Millennials, new family dynamics, or a shift in nationalities, the face of the wealthy American will continue to evolve, as well. This means that a shift in luxury product marketing strategy is inevitable.
  • The Influencer Economy
    As we explore how Affluents make media choices and purchase decisions, we are consistently struck by the importance of word-of-mouth and personal recommendations from others. In fact, across many of the categories we examined, recommendations from friends or family are consistently among the most frequently cited factors shaping marketplace decisions.
  • 7 Luxury Brands That Have Digital Media Wired
    In 2014 when 80% of affluent customers prefer to do their research online and 47% prefer of buy products online, you'd think that luxury brands would be all over digital media. Not so. In fact, a surprising number of luxury brands still wary of digital media and online retail. They do so at their own peril.
  • Delivering On The 'Brand Promise' Is Key In Luxury
    What luxury brands do consumers talk most about? Which ones are the sexiest, most in vogue, best at brand promise, best at customer service, best social appeal, and best emotional appeal? We completed a study that answers these questions.
  • Millennials Are the Future, But Boomers Are Today
    Recently my columns have focused on millionaire consumers, those with a personal net worth (total assets less total liabilities) of $1 million or more. The columns have generated some interesting feedback regarding the wealthy, who number about 20 million adults according to our projections based on Bureau of the Census estimates.
  • How Luxury Brands Should Speak To The Millionaire Millennial
    While crippling student debt, high unemployment rates, and a recovering economy have put a damper on wealth outlook for Millennials, a notable portion of the generation is actually doing quite well for itself. As a matter of fact, a recent report from the Shullman Research Center found that 23% (roughly five million) of millionaires are actually Millennials; more than the total of Generation X millionaires, which stands at about four million, and about half that of Baby Boomers, a generation that had a 30-year head start.
  • All Purchases Are Considered, But Some Purchases Are More Considered Than Others
    It starts sooner than we might have thought. The moment comes early when you realize that you can make your first serious purchase. In the case of my son, it's a new phone. He truly is passionate about phone technology, from the science and marketing behind the very first iPhone to the latest and greatest new products.
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