• Are Affluents Angry, Too?
    This presidential election cycle has been marked by a shockingly angry electorate on both sides of the fence. Seems that voters are happy with very little. They're angry about jobs and taxes and Congress and police brutality and China and immigration policy and Wall Street and terrorism and free trade. To name but a few. A recent Esquire/NBC survey found that about half of all Americans are angrier today than they were a year ago. Are affluent Americans in the same boat?
  • How To Sell A Million-dollar Home
    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that sales of luxury homes has stalled, while the entry-level market is hot. They report "Housing has become a tale of two markets, brokers and economists said, with lower-priced homes selling quickly even as inventory of expensive ones piles up."
  • Are Affluent Millennials Worth The Marketing Dollars Right Now?
    Early last year, Millennials became the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. As this generation starts to reach maturity, it has prompted many brands to turn their focus toward building brand loyalty and forging lifelong relationships with Millennial consumers, even those that have not reached affluence yet.
  • How Many Affluent Millennials Are There?
    Recently the Millennial generation has been the focus of many marketing pundits' articles and columns. No matter the slight variations defining the ages this generation encompasses (we define them as consumers born between 1981 and 2000), there are many out there, about 86 million in total, including those of high-school age. When marketers start to focus, though, on adults 18 or older, the number falls to about 73 million Millennials. The following exhibit segments that entire generation by four typical age segments many marketers use.
  • Wake-up Call For Nonprofits
    Tectonic Shift in Luxury Brands' Approach To Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy - Part I
  • On Trend: River Cruises
    You don't have to be marketing the cruise industry to admire what's going on in the river cruise category. It's red hot and while still only a small slice (roughly 5%) of the cruise market, it's the industry's fastest-growing segment - enjoying double-digit growth and attracting over one million passengers a year. CLIA reports that their members alone will add 18 new river cruise ships this year.
  • Home Is Where Luxury Lives
    The home furnishings market was hit, and hit hard, by the recession. Not until 2014 did the home furnishings market claw its way back to pre-recession levels.
  • Implementing A Champion/Challenger Trial Now
    If you're in the marketing industry, you may feel that marketers today are better equipped than ever, with more tools at their disposal than ever imagined. But marketers are only as good as the tools they use. Those who assemble their stable of marketing partners by simply working their way down a capabilities checklist may feel that they've got all the tools required for successful cross-channel campaigns, but the truth is that modern marketing requires careful study and regular review of all the components.
  • What A Difference A Year Makes
    The year 2016 is now a month old, and many people have been asking us what happened in the luxury marketplace during 2015. Upscale marketers often promote their luxury and premium products and services to affluent consumers only and, as many readers know, we focus not only on the American luxury marketplace but also on mainstream America, as luxury is not only for the affluent.
  • 13 Challenging 2016 Trends Luxury Brands Must Manage, Part 2
    This is part two of a recent, qualitative survey of C-suite executives, when asked, "What are the trends that must be addressed by top management of luxury brands in 2016?" here, ranked in order of importance, is a summary of what they said.
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