'Cultural Relevancy'?
Whenever the topic of reaching Hispanic consumers is brought up, we are constantly reminded of the importance of cultural relevancy, even though I've written extensibly about the subject. But exactly what does it mean? And how does a brand empower cultural relevancy as part of their strategy? According to an article in "Forbes," "Hispanics are more inclined to build trustworthy relationships with people and companies that take the time to understand who we are and what we represent morally, ethically and culturally."» 0 Comments
Celebrations And Holiday Opportunities
Something published recently by Nielsen Homescan reminded me of a quote by funny man Milton Berle: "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."» 0 Comments
Big Brands Celebrate Dia De Los Reyes On Facebook
A few months ago, I discussed the launch of Facebook's Hispanic affinity cluster and how it opened up a new and powerful opportunity for brands to engage with U.S. Hispanics. Earlier this week, many Hispanics celebrated Da de los Reyes (Three Kings' Day), and when I saw my Facebook feed on this traditional Hispanic holiday, it was clear that big brands are starting to take advantage of that opportunity.» 0 Comments
Nontraditional Markets Emerge
I often say the Hispanic market in the U.S. has been changing as quickly as it has been growing the last 15 years. One of the biggest ways it has changed is geographic distribution. One only has to take a quick glimpse at the following heat map to understand how the Hispanic population is spreading to what demographers increasingly refer to as "nontraditional" Hispanic markets.» 0 Comments
A Look Back At Our Wake
When I begun my career, "Hispanic" was not even a common term. As a matter of fact, it wasn't a nice one. Or at least, many of us didn't feel a connection to it. Back then, it was "Latino advertising" (not that I ever felt very Latino either) and Latino advertising was in Spanish. Just as most of the "Hispanic/Latino" population at that time was watching TV and listening to radio (the two mainstream, mass media outlets at the time), in Spanish.» 0 Comments
Connecting With Low-Income Latino Shoppers
A client of mine frequently says, "We are really good at marketing to rich people." It's a helpful reminder because it challenges how you think about your shopper target, particularly when it skews lower income.» 0 Comments
HSN, Univision Join Forces to Capture Online Shopping Carts
This holiday season, millions of Hispanics will turn to the Internet to take care of their holiday shopping, and giants Univision and HSN have launched a synergistic, three-year partnership to capture a share of their shopping carts.» 0 Comments
Millennials: Opportunity Amidst The Hype?
As in the general market, more and more Hispanic marketing attention is focused on the "coming of age" generational cohort known as Millennials. Hispanic Millennials generally refers to U.S. Hispanics born between 1981 and 2000 or 1980 and 1995 (ages 13-32 or 18-35). There are many variations of the definition used by market researchers and pundits. As with any large, relatively young generation that contains the marketing "sweet spot" of 18-25 year olds, this group draws a lot of attention for obvious reasons.» 0 Comments
The Issue Of Defining A 'Target'
It seems like an increasingly segmented classification of Hispanics is more than ever the holy grail of marketing efforts. At least that's what the many statistics compiled by a rapidly growing number of specialized firms in acquiring data seem to point to. And how could that not be the case when the numbers continue to attest the incredible force behind such a large group of people?» 0 Comments
Hispanic Affinity Cluster Opens Opportunities For Brands And Facebook
Last week Facebook announced the launch of a new Hispanic affinity cluster. In essence, Facebook has figured out a new way to identify U.S. Hispanic Facebook users and group them into the new cluster that marketers can use to target Hispanics.» 0 Comments
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