• A Quick Review Of What You Need To Know About Marketing To Millennials
    As a whole, Millennials are quickly stealing the spotlight from its predecessors, Gen X and Baby Boomers. Why? Because there are over 80 million of them now coming of age and moving into the workforce. This increased buying power is influencing their purchase decisions and driving major trends within the economy.
  • The Measurement Mosaic
    In shopper marketing, we live or die on "sell-in" and sell-through."
  • What We Can Learn From The Failures Of NBC Latino And CNN Latino
    Earlier this year, we saw the closure of two major efforts by the mainstream media to connect with Hispanics in the U.S.
  • How To Reach The Fastest-Growing Segment In The U.S.
    The Pew Research Center, in its most recent Hispanic Trends Project, notes that ''...as the share of Latino immigrants decreases, rapid growth in the number of Latino births (60% of Latino population growth between 2000 and 2010) means the Latino population will continue to develop at a steady clip. Today, some 800,000 U.S.-born Hispanics enter adulthood each year."
  • Brands Are Embracing Total Market, But Are Agencies?
    At the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies' (AHAA) annual "Think Under the Influence" conference, brands, agencies, media companies, and others involved in the U.S. Hispanic market spent three days hearing presentations and panel discussions continually referencing the Total Market Approach (TMA).
  • Brand Loyalty And U.S. Hispanic Consumers
    U.S. Hispanics are brand loyal. And often times, brands are encouraged to introduce products early in the acculturation process to improve chances of adoption because its widely believed that Hispanics become less brand loyal as they acculturate.
  • The Shopper Social Media Equation
    Recently, I stumbled upon an insight that re-framed the way I once thought about Hispanic shoppers. Turning up in my team's research on Hispanic shopping patterns was the revelation that Hispanic shoppers tend to emulate that bit of wisdom which says that the family that plays together stays together. The data underscored that Hispanic shoppers shop collectively, either with their children or with children plus spouse. Digging deeper, I found a series of quantitative studies in which I've seen double the incidence in both of these categories.
  • Want To See The Future Of A Bicultural America? Look To The Border
    One of the hottest trends in the Hispanic marketing industry is targeting "biculturals," people who are equally comfortable navigating in two distinct cultures. The term is especially popular in describing second- and third-generation Latinos in the United States.
  • Thinking Outside The 'LA-New York-Miami' Box
    I've talked a lot about the growing importance of non-traditional, emerging Hispanic markets like Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington, D.C. A lot of focus has been on population growth. However, there is something bigger going on with these markets. I believe their emergence is a game-changer for Hispanic marketing.
  • Think 'Total Market' For Latino Shoppers
    Marketers chatting up the "total market" concept as it applies to multicultural marketing have been ignoring the elephant in the room, namely the role of shopper marketing and how that is evolving. Ironically, despite the trends that are reshaping ethnic purchase patterns, brands continue to rely on outdated "one size fits all" shopper marketing models. In reality, it's customized targeting that consistently scores with Hispanic shoppers.
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