• Using Content Marketing To Connect With Latina Moms
    With all the buzz surrounding Millennials, marketers should keep their eye on Latina moms. This influential demographic controls the majority of Hispanic purchasing power, is growing in numbers, and is looking for content that is tailored to them.
  • Accidental Hipsters, or How Trends Fit Hispanic Traditions
    In fashion, certain trends fit certain body types better than others (think shoulder pads, and crop tops). In culture, certain trends bring forward some subcultural orientations better than others. Some trends may allow more specific views and practices to flourish and be validated in the mainstream. It is old news, for example, that social media has propelled Hispanics' natural predisposition for connectivity - they now over-index on social media use. Here are some other areas where recent cultural trends make a good match with traditional Hispanic practices and values.
  • Hispanic Millennials And Financial Services
    Historically, financial service companies have been slow to focus on the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market. While certain sub-categories, namely money transfer services, check cashing and mortgage providers have aggressively pursued Hispanics, most efforts have been focused on the "unbanked" - an unsophisticated and relatively small segment of unacculturated Hispanic consumers that were generally outside the mainstream financial world.
  • What Every Marketer Should Know About Latino Influencer Platforms
    In the last few years, a number of talented and entrepreneurial Latina and Latino content creators have launched digital platforms across different niches that entertain, educate and empower other Latinos and Latinas. These emerging platforms are addressing a huge need for culturally relevant, authentic and valuable content made specifically for Hispanics.
  • Surprising Insights Into Hispanic Millennials And Their Finances
    For marketers and ad agencies, attracting the coveted Millennial crowd has topped the priority list for 2015 and is showing no signs of slowing down. There are about 90 million Millennials in the U.S., and over 20% of them are Hispanic. And while this burgeoning group of trendsetters may not have the cash to spend like their Boomer parents, many are entering their peak earning years, which translates into increased purchasing power.
  • Ringing In Square One: Easy as 1-2-3
    You've heard the phrase "back to square one." Interestingly, when it comes to framing Hispanic shopper marketing initiatives, many shopper marketing managers at many large brands have no idea where square one is found.
  • Facebook Courts Multicultural TV Advertisers
    Back in October, I had the pleasure of attending Facebook's first-ever multicultural learning session in New York. The event was attended by 200+ of the who's who of U.S. Hispanic and multicultural marketing, publishing, and media, and in my mind marked a pivotal turning point in the U.S. Hispanic and multicultural media landscape.
  • 8 Seismic Changes To The Hispanic Market
    This time of year everyone comes out with lists of the biggest trends of the past year or bold predictions for the upcoming one. However, you can often forego bold predictions by paying close attention and adapting to big changes taking place right before our eyes. Using this lens, here are eight seismic changes to the Hispanic market that occurred in 2014, with huge implications for how to engage Hispanics in 2015 and beyond.
  • Affluent Hispanics And Spending ... What You Need To Know
    U.S. Hispanic consumers continue to grow in numbers. And as predicted, they aren't shy about flexing their spending muscle. One group in particular, Affluent Hispanics, whose earnings top $100K+ per year, are really tipping the scale. While they currently only represent about 12.2% of Hispanic earners, they punch above their weight as compared to non-Hispanic Affluents when it comes to contributing to overall spending.
  • The Three Kings Of Hispanic Holiday Shopping
    While it's not news that sales during the Christmas holidays can make or break a retailer, it is important to study those sales as a barometer of how shoppers feel heading into the new year. That's because shopper marketers have already begun planning for the 2015 holiday season - yes, a year in advance. Naturally, clients want to learn what they can do to develop more effective holiday programs for the Hispanic demographic. So, marketers often ask if Latino shoppers see holiday shopping from a different perspective.
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