• Cross-cultural Gen Z
    Move over Millennials, here comes Gen Z. Who are they? Definitions vary but most demographers define Gen Z - also referred to as Centennials, iGen, or Plurals - as consumers born between 1995 and 2010.
  • Three Strikes For First Timers
    Over the course of my career, I have very frequently run into "first timers." What do I mean by this? Companies, clients or brands that have never marketed their product or service to Hispanic consumers, and have decided to embark upon this opportunity. I cannot remember how many new clients I have serviced who were at this juncture.
  • Hispanic Agencies Aren't Fading; The Ones That Evolve Are Getting Stronger
    A recent post in this publication, "Why Hispanic Agencies Are Fading," grabbed my attention and, I am sure, the attention of many of my colleagues in the Hispanic advertising agency business.
  • Is Acculturation Really Dead?
    We've been hearing the death knell for acculturation for the past several years now in the Hispanic marketing world. A large percentage of Fortune 1000 companies, however, still use acculturation as a point of reference for segmentation so a research company we still see acculturation models regularly.
  • Feeding Latina Millennials' Global Appetite
    Hispanic Millennials, those aged 18 to 34, represent the largest segment of the Hispanic population after Generation Z (aged under 18). Their size and the purchasing power they wield provide a great opportunity for food marketers who want to tap this vital segment.
  • The Social And Mobile World Of Hispanic Millennials
    Hispanic Millennials have come of age with technology and social media. Not surprisingly, they have become very adept at using technology in their daily lives and staying connected to the world around them. The most recent wave of the Hispanic Millennial Project provides an in-depth view into the social media and mobile lives of Hispanic Millennials. While they are heavy users of technology, they still show significant differences in social and mobile behavior with big implications for marketers trying to engage with them.
  • The Top 7 Things I've Learned About The Hispanic Market
    In my career, I've had good mentors and been on the receiving end of some eye-opening lessons; what follows is a distillation of that received wisdom.
  • Top 10 Latino Creative Devices
    As we were presenting work to a client a question came up: "Where is the Latino relevance in the execution?" Frequently, when presenting creative work for the Hispanic market, there is tension in trying to show something that is unique to Latinos in the work, and the question of whether or not you really need it.
  • Social Listening Insights On Hispanics' Financial Needs
    Top social conversation drivers include retirement and protecting one's family.
  • What Would Happen If Brands Invested More In Hispanic Digital Media?
    Last month, I attended the Association of Hispanic Advertising's annual conference in Miami and walked away with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and overwhelming positivity about Hispanic marketing.
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