• How Hispanic Gen Z Will Change Everything
    Marketers have focused on millennials for nearly a decade, making them among the most-studied group of young adults. But as the tail end of millennials turn 21 and graduate from college, it's time to turn our attention to next major consumer group - those under 21.
  • Top 2016 Trends In Hispanic Social Media
    Hispanic purchasing power in the U.S. is $1.5 trillion, with a total population of 54 million. 26 million are on Facebook, 12 million on Twitter and 9.6 million on Instagram. And in 2016, the opportunity to capture this $1.5 trillion socially connected, mobile-first Hispanic consumer is larger than ever before.
  • Reined In By Family, Hispanic Teens Look To Digital To Help Define Themselves
    Last month, Tamara Barber from Simmons Research led an insightful webinar on Hispanic Teens in conjunction with AHAA. The webinar highlighted some key differences between Hispanic and non-Hispanic teens and provided insights that give marketers important clues for connecting with the up and coming Hispanic teen segment.
  • Hispanic Marketing Success Starts With Corporate Leadership
    Every time I speak with someone about Hispanic marketing, it is clear there is a huge disconnect between understanding the importance of reaching Hispanics and actually doing so. Marketers see the huge potential of this consumer group, so where is the disconnect? I turned to Tara Jaye Frank, corporate culture advisor and CEO with TJF Career Modeling, for her thoughts. Tara is an expert in Hispanic marketing; prior to TJF, she chartered and led Hallmark Cards' Multicultural Center of Excellence, and currently acts as Hallmark's corporate culture advisor, reporting to the president.
  • Is The Sharing Economy Getting Its Share Of Multicultural Consumers?
    The sharing economy is booming. Some of the most highly valued tech companies in the past decade have been spawned from this new economic model, tapping into the collective for services rather than a single entity. With sky rocketing valuations comes tremendous pressure to consistently increase revenue for investors in order to set themselves up for an eventual IPO.
  • CSR Campaigns Are A Powerful Tool In Latino Communications
    Latinos are quickly becoming a powerful economic force, so tailoring messaging to them should be a key marketing strategy for companies that want to reach this demographic. But simply developing a communications campaign directed at Latinos is not enough.
  • Hispanics And Healthcare
    While a lot has been written about Hispanics and healthcare, particularly in relation to the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, not enough attention has been paid to the opportunity they represent. Hispanics are a vital consumer segment for the large and growing healthcare industry, not just a population to be managed.
  • Why Brands Still Don't Have A True Hispanic Marketing Strategy
    You have likely read the numerous articles and studies that highlight Hispanic consumers in the United States. Particularly, analysts and media tout the incredible growth, young demographics, amplified spending power and hyperactive digital and mobile consumption of the Hispanic market - all of which make it one of the most attractive demographics for marketers. However, U.S. Hispanics are vastly underserved, and the opportunities to reach them through digital remain largely untapped.
  • 3 Social Content Snafus To Avoid When Engaging With Hispanic Millennials
    When it comes to publishing and content marketing, what gets professionals more excited than millennials? Hispanic millennials.
  • If I Were CMO For Republicans Or Democrats This Election Year
    A lot of articles, studies and presentations about Hispanics come across my screen. My interest in this group is obviously professional, but as of late, two very recent and related reports arose in the same week, both about the Hispanic electorate: "The Latino Voter Registration Dilemma by CLACLS (Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies from the City University of New York) and Changing The Latino Electorate (by the Pew research Center). It was interesting to read both as they provided great perspective into some of the dynamics of Hispanic voters. These also reminded me that in 2012 Latinos ...
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