• The 5 Tiers Of Soccer Retail Activation - And What's To Come
    Every four years we have a FIFA World Cup. And every four years we examine what brands do at retail to leverage the surge of interest in soccer among U.S. consumers. I recently traveled to several markets across America and visited more than 60 Hispanic grocery and mass merchandiser stores to determine how successful different brands were in using soccer fever to generate shopper excitement. Efforts varied, but each fell into one of the following five categories, or tiers.
  • Marketing To U.S. Hispanics Is Like The Offside Rule In Soccer
    Some rules in soccer, as in other sports, are based on absolutes: if the ball crosses the touchline, it's out of bounds. The offside rule is different; it's based on the relative position of players from both teams.
  • Beyond Best Practices: Engaging With Social Media
    By now, marketers are well aware that the U.S. Hispanic population is highly engaged online. The Internet is a popular and effective way to keep in touch for extremely social, family-oriented Hispanics whose loved ones are often very dispersed geographically. (Facebook is the number one social media site used among this sector.) Hispanics are also motivated to engage with Hispanic-targeted ad messages online. Research shows that Hispanics who are exposed to an ad online are more likely to engage with that ad than are non-Hispanic consumers with comparable ad exposure opportunities.
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup: The Newest Digital Cross-Cultural Brand
    In the last year, I have introduced a new approach to marketing, which I have coined cross-cultural marketing. Cross-cultural marketing can best be defined as one marketing program that leverages ethnic markets to reach across both ethnic and general markets (i.e. the total market). Start with ethnic segments to develop marketing programs that cross over into the general market. Ethnic consumers, like Hispanics, are front and center in a cross-cultural model.
  • How U.S. Hispanics View The World Cup: What Marketers Need To Know
    Everybody's talking about this year's World Cup. Next to the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup is the largest, most all-encompassing sporting event in the world with nearly 200 countries trying to qualify for their chance to be among the final 32 taking the field in unarguably one of the most enthusiastic ftbol (soccer) countries in the world, Brazil.
  • What Shopper Marketers Can Learn From Hispanic Shopping Malls
    About a decade ago, I read in Icono Culture about a trend in which old, outdated strip malls were being refurbished to cater to Latino shoppers. The article cited two or three examples. Fast-forward to 2014, and a similar story about The Legaspi Company was recently featured in Fast Company about how they are creating "Hispanic malls" all across the U.S.
  • The World Cup, A Total Market Opportunity
    Three things are clear. Total market has dominated the multicultural marketing dialogue this year; no one can agree on exactly what total market is and whether it's the right approach; and the 2014 World Cup starts today.
  • Futurecasting Latino Millennials And The New Initiative
    More organizations are paying attention to Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials are drawing a great deal of that attention for reasons discussed in our recently released project.
  • A Call-to-Action To Help Latinos/as Achieve Their American Dream
    Latinos believe deeply in the American Dream. Our parents, grandparents or ourselves have come to this country in pursuit of it. We are also more optimistic than non-Latinos as it relates to our belief in being able to achieve it.
  • A Quick Review Of What You Need To Know About Marketing To Millennials
    As a whole, Millennials are quickly stealing the spotlight from its predecessors, Gen X and Baby Boomers. Why? Because there are over 80 million of them now coming of age and moving into the workforce. This increased buying power is influencing their purchase decisions and driving major trends within the economy.
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