• Will Millennials Challenge The Hispanic Health Paradox?
    If you look at the statistics, the numbers don't add up. While non-Hispanic Whites have higher income and education levels, two factors that tend to correlate with longer life, U.S. Hispanics, who average far less income and lower education levels, still have the tendency to outlive them.
  • In-Store Inflection
    "Points of inflection" are the shopper marketer discoveries - nuggets of data - which reveal if we are missing untapped opportunities with Hispanic shoppers. Where and how are Hispanic shoppers different from general market shoppers? Which tactics give us a better ROI on our Hispanic shopper budgets? When does a broader strategy makes sense for this demographic?
  • Why Do So Many Latino Marketing Initiatives Fail?
    It's no longer news that the Latino market is one of the fastest-growing consumer segments in the U.S. and has been for years. Many companies are aware of and actively engage with this audience. Some brands focus on reaching U.S.-born Hispanic Millennial while others focus on reaching foreign-born first-generation Hispanics.
  • Why English AND Spanish Are The Official Languages Of The Internet For Hispanics
    The debate rages on. As marketers think about how to execute Total Market digitally, they often ask themselves which language is best to reach online Hispanics. The previous post on this blog argues that "English is the official language of the Web, even for Spanish-dominant Hispanics."
  • Applying 'Total Market' to Digital
    Do a Google search for “total market approach” and you’ll quickly see that this relatively new marketing concept continues to generate buzz, excitement and confusion within the U.S. marketing world. There are at least three different associations putting out “official” definitions; countless other organizations articulating best practices; and a great deal of experimentation taking place within organizations and out in the market in terms of advertising efforts. As marketers in the U.S. continue to debate the opportunities, challenges and overall validity of the “total market approach,” digital is the one key element missing from the discussion.

    While digital is mentioned, ...

  • Does Brand Loyalty Among U.S. Hispanic Consumers Really Exist? Uh, Sort Of ...
    You've probably heard this statement before during a marketing planning session... "U.S. Hispanics are brand loyal." Which is then immediately followed up with "That's why we need to get them to buy our products when they're young... and they'll be customers for life."
  • Mass Market And Club Channels Are High On Hispanic Grocery Lists
    Hispanic shoppers are doing a lot of their grocery buying in the mass market and club shopping channels, according to a recent quantitative survey. National manufacturers who do a big business with mass market players like Walmart and Target, as well as club retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, need to keep this top of mind when targeting Hispanic audiences - particularly if they wish to ramp up sales and achieve economies of scale within this sector.
  • Apple Banking On The IPhone 6 To Be A Plus with U.S. Hispanics
    In true Apple fashion, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced to much fanfare on Tuesday. The latest iPhones are not only larger, but packed with features that put the new offering from Apple on par with the latest smartphones on the market.
  • Hispanic Millennials And Healthcare
    As we enter the second open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act this fall, attention will inevitably turn to driving enrollment among the so-called "young and healthy" segment of 18- to 34-year-old consumers, many of whom are Hispanics. It has been well documented that the initial rollout of the ACA in the fall of 2013 saw early challenges in enrolling "young and healthy" Hispanics. Numerous studies and news reports identified three key challenges to Latino enrollment.
  • Earn High Marks: Consumer Back-to-School Shopping Insights
    Pack up the flip-flops and deflate the floaties. Kids are heading back to school. And if most of them are like my daughter, it's all about what you wear and how you wear it.
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