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Just An Online Minute... Creative Zombies Binge At Night Of The Adeaters
Well how the heck are you, my little media, marketing, and advertising pros and cons? Still breathing? Excellent! Here I am on Monday, writing about an event that happened Friday. Why the slow turnaround? Let's just say I hit my wall Saturday morning and my fingers wanted nothing to do with photos and writing. I was also 100% confident that no one would be torturing themselves by reading anything work related (even if it's the fun stuff) this past weekend. Was I right? If not, don't tell me I was wrong, I'm very sensitive this morning and I don't think ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... The Egos Battle It Out With Orange Balls
A lot of people have asked me a lot of questions leading up to Advertising Week, during Advertising Week, and without a doubt they will be asking questions afterwards. The usually center around what my beat is. So, stuff like "What parties should I go to?" "Can you get me into [party name here] party?" "Can I be your +1?" "Which one was the best?" "How did this year's parties compare to last year's?" and "Did you have any idea your liver looked like this?" Today I'll answer for you the question "what's a ping pong party and should I ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... It's Creative! It's Media! It's The Creative Media Awards!
There is no such thing as too many award shows. If you want, we can meet at the playground around 2PM tomorrow and discuss this like gentlemen. Last night I shot at Media Magazine's Creative Media Awards where a crunchy triangular snack that renders your fingertips nuclear powder colored facilitated the success of one agency.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Babies, Old Dudes, And The Poop Shoe At The Online All Stars Luncheon
Does Advertising Week sounds like a who's who of heroes and villains to you too? I feel like if you're a Super Delegate your credentials should include a cape. And look, MediaPost gets in on the action with the Online Media AllStars, which last year had a flashy superhero theme and this year channeled Coney Island with a carnival freakshow. Because really, the most successful people in this world are pretty freaky.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Bacon Strips And Pizza Drips, That's What Social Media's Made Of
eyholes and secret knocks? A clandestine meeting aboard a yacht surrounded by 4'11" wrestlers in ninja suits? Floppy disks and hard drives? Nah, just an electrified brain, Advertising Week, and a keen sense of curiosity are what will get you into the Social Media Society launch party, which was last night in the underground lair at 675 Bar. And, my friends, if you have not sampled the glory and wonder that is chocolate-covered bacon, I weep for you. If I ever go to prison, and signs point to yes, and I have to request a final meal, it will be ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Nokia Sees The Future And It Is NOT The Bananaphone
Fresh from the OMMA Global Kickoff Cocktail Party last night I gathered some David's about me (Ford and Berkowitz) and headed out to the Hudson Hotel, where in the private garden and library Nokia Interactive Advertising to "experience the future of advertising in the palm of your hand." Hopefully that future isn't hair.» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Palm Squeezing With The Best At OMMA Global NY
I wish I had some candy corn right about now. I think if I dig deep and I wrestle out a little caught piece in the back tooth. Where did I get candy corn, you ask? And why the heck am I even blathering about it? Well my friends, yesterday was day 1 of OMMA Global New York, a two day excursion deep into the minds of the brightest (which includes the guests!) in online media, marketing, and advertising. I, like many others, answered the cowbell of "Let the quality networking begin... over adult drinks... at the Kick-off Cocktail ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Good Will Isn't Ill With The Stars Of Madison Avenue
I don't know why I agree to go to 8:00a.m events. As I'm signing up, my dead pituitary gland wails "you know you're not going to make it!!" but I sign up anyway. Sometimes, I even reques to be put on the list. Which was the case with the Women of NBCU breakfast, hosted by my favorite outspoken loud mouth Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel. Now, I had the best of intentions. I got home around 11:00p.m last night... but then I could get to sleep until 2:00a.m - and then when my alarm went off at 6:30a.m ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Mad Men's Unofficial Advertising Week Kickoff With Rubicon
Now taking bets on how many MADvertising, MADvertisement, ADmen, MAD... clever Mad Men headlines we're going to see this week. And by clever I mean redundant and played out. And! And! How many Mad Men conversations will be shared where one galoot in the conversation says proudly "That's just like our conference room!" If you meet this person, give him a lime rickie and send him packing because last night I was exposed to my first ever episode of Mad Men and while I cringed at the behaviors of these early 60's admen, oh man, I loved it. The fashion, ...» 0 Comments
Just An Online Minute... Big Black Box Appears In Meatpacking District, No Bodies Snatched
Last week a sliced and sewn bear arrived in the MediaPost office. Addressed to Amy Corr, the bear seemed benign until I heard Amy shriek "What the hell! Why is my bear wet!?" She skittered over to the garbage and could be seen by the entire office desperately unstuffing her bear to find the source of the wetness - puffs of simulated cotton haloing her head. Turns out her bear wasn't one of those "Teddy Pees A Lot" toys, her bamboo plant had tried to escape its vase and in process made bear boy look incontinent. In fact, the bear ...» 0 Comments
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