Converse With The World 

App: LOC
Developer: Optimac, Inc.

LOC gives you the tools to join chats all over the world and to create your own chat for the rest of the world to join. Chats are pinned geographically, and the app includes real-time translation across 90 languages, so you can join and participate in conversations anywhere. You can use this app to converse with friends, to meet new people, to add your opinion on events as they are happening. You can keep connected to friends and family and join business conferences. LOC also allows marketers to connect with geographically targeted prospects for promotions and customer service. And, you can send out your location for an SOS in the case of an accident.

LOC also helps you to keep track of chats interesting to you through a "Watching" list you can create. When news breaks anywhere in the world, join chats at the location of the event to get real-time updates and pictures from people who are there. Any chat not active for about 24 hours disappears to keep only current activity available.
LOC is committed to your privacy and only shares your profile picture and display name to other users.