I. In-App Campaigns - NEW THIS YEAR

For advertisers that use apps as a key element of their marketing campaigns. Entrants in these categories will be judged by their creativity and success in leveraging mobile’s unique opportunities.

Best In-App Campaign: B2C

Best in-app campaign to market products/services to consumers.

Best In-App Campaign: B2B

Best in-app campaign to market products/services to businesses.

Best App Download Campaign

Campaigns that succeeds in increasing downloads by a quality audience for an application.

Best Use of  Smart Speaker App

Campaigns that use smart speaker apps for marketing products/services.

Best Use of Geo-Location

Campaigns that use Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing Apps to increase sales.

Best Use of E-Commerce

Campaigns that increase online sales for products or services.

Best Use of Video Advertising

Campaigns that use video for marketing products/services.

Best Use of Mobile Social Media Campaign

Campaigns that use Social Media apps to market products/services.

Best Use of “Stories” Social Mobile App Format

Campaigns that use social stories apps

Best Mobile Rich Media

Campaigns that serve mobile rich media across a multitude of apps

Best App Sponsorship

Campaigns that use app sponsorship as a key mobile marketing strategy.

II. Excellence in APP Design

For App developers, these categories recognize creativity and excellence in app design.


Any App pertaining to business or facilitating marketing of a business in any way.


Any app created for charity, causes, or non-profit purposes.

Consumer Magazine/Newspaper/News App

An app whose primary function is to disseminate magazine/newspaper content and current news.


Any App whose primary function is to inform or educate about a given subject or service.


Any App created by a professional content creator or media company whose primary purpose is entertainment. Includes movies, television, video, sports news, sports culture, news/info for teams, scores, statistics, events information, and/or fantasy sports.


 Any App whose primary function is related to family and/or parenting.


Any App whose primary function is to disseminate financial news, information or services.

Games: Action/Arcade/Sports/Board/Puzzle

Any action, arcade, sports, board, or puzzle gaming app.

Health & Fitness

Any Application whose primary function is to provide information about health & fitness, or that assists in health & fitness in any way.

Home/Garden/Interior Design/Lifestyle

Any App that caters to, promotes, or enriches an interest in lifestyles and/or homes, gardens, and home design.


Any App about medical news and information or that assists with the gathering of medical data.


Any App whose primary function is to enhance productivity in some way. Examples include list making, note taking and personal assistant Apps.


Any app developed by or for restaurants, food and/or beverage industry, products and/or services.


Any App that drives direct retail purchases and/or promotes offline purchases.

Social Sharing

Any App that lets users create profiles, build a network of friends and share information.

Travel & Tourism

Apps developed for airlines, hotels, travel search engines, destinations, cruises, travel advice and/or car rentals.

Smart Speaker

Apps that are voice activated by smart speakers.


Any app that uses VR/AR technology either as predominate element or a feature . Includes gaming apps, branded content, entertainment (video/film) and social app filters.


Any App whose primary function is to publish weather reports, news or updates.


Any App that doesn’t fit into any of the given APPY categories.