Digital Out-of-Home: Stepping Up To The Next Level

Live from Digital Out of Home Forum + Awards

The digital out-of-home sector has fared better than most in the advertising world during the economic downturn of the last few years. Revenues have continued to grow and new players continue to enter the market. Advertisers are seeking to reach their audiences at every point along the path-to-purchase and the ability of DOOH platforms to dynamically leverage sight, sound and motion (and increasingly touch) where it counts is increasingly delivering tangible results. Scarcely a week goes past without a new network launching, a new measurement offering being deployed or a new display technology being launched. Everyone seems to want a piece of this growing sector. Standards are rising and competition is increasing as the industry matures.

But is the sector limited to being a media niche or can it be a mainstay of a brands' integrated communications plans? What will it take to move beyond specialist agencies so that DOOH media are factored into the planning and buying process at generalist agencies. Is that the key to unlock larger budgets and bring even more advertisers to the sector? This conference brings together sector experts and practitioners with clients, generalist planners and buyers, researchers and creatives to discuss the steps the sector needs to take in order to realize its true potential.

Hear from some of the best minds in the sector and the broader media business as they define the critical steps your business needs to build success in digital out-of-home media.

The Digital Out of Home Forum is designed to help marketing executives understand the potential and rapidly changing market dynamics of digital out-of-home advertising. The program focuses on strategies and tactics marketers and agencies can use to deploy digital-out-of-home into their upcoming plans, as well as identifying the best sources of assistance so they can take action.

Watch video from the 2011 Digital Out of Home Forum


"We greatly appreciated having the opportunity to take part in MediaPost’s Digital Out-Of-Home event and help support the DOOH industry. Not only was the event a success on a professional level, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. What can I say? MediaPost puts on the highest quality events.  Great to be a part of this one."
- James Lisk
, Strategic Communications Specialist
, Perception Research Services

 "I found MediaPost’s Digital Out-of-Home Forum very informative with an excellent array of expert-level speakers.  I look forward to future shows!"

- Lionel Tepper
, Marketing Director, Digital Signage Universe

 “MediaPost’s Digital Out-of-Home event is probably the most authoritative conference on DOOH. It gathers the best brains from the digital signage and mainstream advertising industries to discuss how advertisers and agencies are changing their view of this fast-spreading medium, the barriers to its broad adoption by media buyers, and the increasingly important role DOOH is playing as an alternative to the stagnant TV. A stand-out event.”

- Nurlan Urazbaev, Chief Strategy Officer, Broadsign, Inc

"MediaPost’s DOOH Forum was a great event and just witnessing the turnout and the presence of companies like CBS and NBC confirms we are on to something big. We have to keep communicating the branding message and as an industry work hard to stay away from ROI. These events will continue to help the education process to get us there."

- Paul Mitchell, EVP of Sales, Pyramid Radio

"I applaud MediaPost for making this event a reality. I think its really important that this story gets told to clients because as the agencies have admitted, they have become a black hole and we need to educate everyone."

- Corey Silverman
, EVP Sales & Marketing, Arena Media Networks