Thomas Prommer

Huge Managing Director, Technology

Thomas Prommer (Managing Director, Technology) is in charge of enabling digital transformation for our clients through the lens of technology. Thomas works with Huge's Senior technology and business clients to develop future-proof technology roadmaps that allow for industry-leading digital marketing operations. His project work at Huge includes Toyota, Google, Apple, Hulu, Logitech, Royal Caribbean, Four Seasons, Target, and Comcast among others. Thomas has in-depth know-how with Enterprise experience, e-commerce and data management products and heads up our global technology partnerships. Prior to Huge, Thomas served as the Global Director of Technology at Fantasy, where he led large-scale architecture and technical build engagements for HTC, Electronic Arts, Porsche, AT&T and Time Warner Cable. Thomas holds a joint MS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and has received executive management training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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Panel: This is Not a Fad: AI and Your Agency
Date/Time: 1:45 PM

As brands experiment with the bot offerings of IBM, Facebook and Google, media agencies and marketing cloud providers are investing in AI-driven capabilities of their own to streamline clients’ marketing and advertising operations. While few brands have handed their buying operations over to these AI-powered platforms entirely, the early results are absolutely astounding. This is not a fad; so, what does the rapid evolution of AI herald for media agencies? Will it force them to compete more directly with big consultancies, marketing tech cloud providers and other third party vendors? What’s really at stake here, and who is best positioned to win the arms race?

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